USPS Pricing Overview - Commercial Base, Commercial Plus, Cubic

USPS has a number of different high-volume pricing tiers depending on your shipments and interaction with USPS.

  • Retail pricing
  • Commercial base pricing
  • Commercial plus pricing
  • Cubic pricing

Retail Pricing

USPS Retail Pricing is the price charged for postage purchased at retail USPS counters. This is the highest pricing charged by the USPS.

Commercial Base Pricing

USPS Commercial Base Pricing and USPS Commercial Plus Pricing are now the same. See below for more information.

Commercial Plus Pricing

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing refers to discounted shipping rates for high volume shippers. Commercial Plus Pricing is calculated based on the weight of the package and which zone it’s traveling to (dependent on the origin address).

Cubic Pricing

USPS Cubic Pricing is calculated based on the dimensions of the package and zones, not weight. To qualify for cubic pricing, you will have to ship over 50,000 packages a year.

Cubic pricing only applies to packages up to 20 lbs with all dimensions measuring below 18”. USPS has five cubic levels (0.1 – 0.5) that are always rounded up when calculating cubic pricing.

Cubes are calculated: (H” x W” x L”) / 1728 = USPS Shipping “Cube”

Priority Mail on Shippo are based on a combination of cubic and weight/zone pricing. Since we take in both your package weight and dimensions, we automatically calculate both rates and provide you the better rate of the two.

Dive into alternative USPS shipping methods on our blog.

With Shippo, you can tap right into USPS commercial and cubic pricing instantly upon sign-up. It’s free to sign up and compare rates on Shippo. Only pay when you print a shipping label – it’s 5 cents per label plus the cost of the shipping. Label fees are waived when using Shippo’s carrier accounts with USPS, UPS, and DHL.

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