Multi-carrier Tracking API

Are you looking for a simple way to get tracking updates from multiple carriers via one integration? Check out Shippo’s tracking API.

Shippo is a shipping API solution that serves as a one-stop-shop for getting rates, buying labels, and tracking packages via multiple carriers. Many e-commerce stores and platforms like having the flexibility to choose between shipping service levels across multiple carriers, enabling them to pick and choose pricing, delivery times, and other features based on the specific package they’re sending. Shippo helps you customize your shipping process by offering 15 different carriers.

Tracking data is one of the best ways to sync your business operations with real-life activities and set customer expectations. We understand the value of accurate tracking for multiple types of business. Our customers have integrated our tracking API to improve customer support, improving customer experience, measure fulfillment efficiency, and prevent fraud. Here are just a few examples of what our customers are doing with our multi-carrier tracking functionality:

  • VNYL sends out a box of secret music records every month. When the shipment is marked as “delivered” they automatically update the customer’s Spotify playlist with the digital version of what they sent.
  • With just a tracking number Trello cards are transformed into a live shipment tracking platform and CRM. eCommerce support teams setup flows to help them reach out to customers if there’s a problem with their shipment, or look up shipment details when a question comes in.
  • Mercari is a mobile marketplace where anyone can sell/buy second hand goods. To prevent fraud, they use tracking statuses to see when a seller has sent the shipment before releasing payment.

Shippo multi-carrier tracking API works via webhooks to notify you of updates to your package status as it happens, instead of you having to request a status update for each individual package.

Shippo is Built for Developers

  • #replace with your API token shippo.auth = '<TOKEN>'
  • # create addresses and package address_from = shippo.Address.create(...) address_to = shippo.Address.create(...) parcel = shippo.Parcel.create(...)
  • # create shipment request shipment = shippo.Shipment.create( address_from=address_from, address_to=address_to, parcel=parcel )
  • # purchase label label = shippo.Transaction.create( rate=shipment.rates.results[0].object_id)

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