Simplifying E-commerce Shipping

Shipping is an essential part of every e-commerce store. After an order comes in through the e-commerce storefront the order has to be mailed out to the customer.

Shippo helps with e-commerce shipping. Shippo offers an API and a web interface that connects to all major shipping providers in the US, Canada, France, UK and Germany to help e-commerce stores with their shipping. Shippo further provides discounted shipping rates to help e-commerce stores offer free shipping to their customers or to provide a flat e-commerce shipping rates while bettering the margins for the e-commerce store.

Shippo’s goal is to simplify e-commerce shipping by providing easy access to different shipping providers through one single tool.

Shippo’s fee structure is designed to be beneficial for e-commerce store owners. We only charge $0.05 per shipping label, and this fee is waived when using Shippo’s carrier accounts. There are no additional hidden fees or monthly fees.

Shippo has been built to make e-commerce shipping as easy and intuitive as possible while at the same time saving money on e-commerce shipping. Get started today by connecting your e-commerce store with our shipping tool either through the API or one of our shopping cart integrations.

A Simple E-commerce Shipping Solution

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