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Our multi-carrier shipping API allows you to instantly create labels with an easy-to-use, developer-friendly REST API. Sign up now and get your first three months free!

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curl shipments/ \
    -H "Authorization: ShippoToken {PRIVATE_TOKEN}" \
    -d object_purpose="PURCHASE" \
    -d address_from="d799c2679e644279b59fe661ac8fa488" \
    -d address_to="42236bcf36214f62bcc6d7f12f02a849" \
    -d parcel="7df2ecf8b4224763ab7c71fae7ec8274" \
    -d submission_date="2013-12-03T12:00:00.000Z" \
    -d async=false
# Create the shipment object
shipment = Shippo::Shipment.create(
    :object_purpose => 'PURCHASE',
    :address_from => address_from,
    :address_to => address_to,
    :parcel => parcel,
    :async => false
# Create shipment object
shipment = shippo.Shipment.create(
    object_purpose = 'PURCHASE',
    address_from = address_from,
    address_to = address_to,
    parcel = parcel,
    async = False
// Create shipment object
$shipment = Shippo_Shipment::create(
        "object_purpose" => "PURCHASE",
        "address_from" => $fromAddress,
        "address_to" => $toAddress,
        "parcel" => $parcel,
        "async" => false
// Create shipment object
var shipment = shippo.shipment.create({
    "object_purpose": "PURCHASE",
    "address_from": addressFrom,
    "address_to": addressTo,
    "parcel": parcel,
    "async": true

Built for developers
Simple, clean APIs with client libraries in all major languages.

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Robust support for companies of all sizes, reliably.

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You only pay 5ct per label. No monthly or hidden fees!

We support all relevant carriers including:

"Shippo enabled us to integrate seamlessly with our system and offers competitive pricing. It has been a life saver for Pijon Box!"

Rob, Co-Founder & CEO of Pijon

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