USPS® API Integration via Shippo

Integrate directly to the USPS® through Shippo, official USPS® ePostage partner


# USPS® Shipping API for developers

USPS® Shipping API

As an official United States Postal Service ePostage partner, you can get real-time rate, buy labels, and track USPS® packages directly from Shippo. Our direct United States Postal Service API connection is developer-friendly, built for enterprise scale and includes discounted USPS® postage rates. Shippo connects you directly to the United States Postal Service, no third-parties required!

USPS® Supported Services

  • First Class Package Service®
  • First Class Package International Service®
  • Priority Mail®
  • Priority Mail International®
  • Priority Mail Express®
  • Priority Mail Express International®
  • Parcel Select®
  • Address Validation®

Retailers, Marketplaces, Platforms

Shippo offers a flexible platform to work with master accounts, NSAs, payment and customer support options. From using our dashboard to completely white-labeled, you can use Shippo for your shipping needs.


Designed around API best practices, with developers in mind, our shipping API is easy to comprehend and scales to support any volume.

Comprehensive documentation

Easy-to-follow documentation, tutorials, and API reference in our developer center.

Client Libraries

While you can use Shippo's shipping API by making direct HTTP requests to our servers, we provide client libraries for our API to make it easier to access them from your favorite languages.Shippo maintains client libraries for the most popular languages including Python, Ruby, Node, PHP and others. See our client libraries page.

Push-based webhooks

Get notified of status changes as soon as they happen. Zero delays, so that you can get the most up-to-date information. Webhooks documentation

Discounted USPS® postage rates

Access your own USPS® account to use your negotiated rates, or volume discounts for shipping labels through Shippo’s account instantly.

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USPS® API Features

Feature USPS® API via Shippo
Instant sign-up
Developer-friendly REST API
Multiple client libraries
Comprehensive docs and tutorials
Built for scale, performance & reliability
Real-time rates
Tracking API with webhooks
CPP cubic shipping rates
Adult & Signature confirmation
Automated international commercial invoices
Bulk label-creation
Reference text on labels
Scan-based return labels
Manifest / SCAN Forms
Labels: PNG, ZPLII, 8.5x11 and 4x6 PDF
Fast, helpful technical support

USPS® for Business

Shippo's shipping API makes it easy to use USPS® with any type of business.

USPS® for Marketplaces

See how Mercari implemented Shippo API in their marketplace to work with USPS®.


USPS® for Platforms

See how Weebly implemented Shippo API in their platform to work with USPS®.


USPS® for Retailers

See how BonLook implemented Shippo API in their store to work with USPS®.


USPS® for Subscription Ecommerce

See how VNYL implemented Shippo API for their subscriptions to work with USPS®.


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