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Oct 26, 2021

FedEx Christmas Shipping Deadlines For 2021

Even though retail stores are still selling Halloween decorations and candy, the top holiday on many e-commerce merchants’ minds right now is Christmas. More specifically, how soon they have to send out orders to ensure the most wonderful time of the year stays wonderful.

Now that the FedEx Christmas shipping deadlines for 2021 have been announced, it may help online sellers achieve that goal.

If you offer FedEx as one of your shipping options on your online store, last minute shoppers now have an estimate of what the last minute will be.

Christmas Shipping Deadlines For FedEx Services

FedEx offers a wide range of services for e-commerce merchants which they can then pass on to their customers.

Each service comes with its own transit time estimate which means the Christmas shipping deadlines may differ depending on what service you plan on offering to your customers.


International FedEx Christmas shipping deadlines have also been announced for business shipping out of the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. To find out those deadlines, click here.

What The FedEx Christmas Shipping Deadlines Mean For Your Business

At this point, many consumers are well aware of the global supply chain delays affecting their ability to buy Christmas gifts.

Many consumers are planning on shopping for Christmas gifts earlier than ever this year. If your e-commerce business uses FedEx as one of your carriers, you’ll want to communicate these deadlines with your customers sooner rather than later.

Services such as FedEx Ground Economy are ideal for small and medium businesses that are delivering low weight items to residential addresses. It also comes as one of the most affordable shipping rates FedEx offers. However, it has the earliest deadline.

These earlier Christmas shipping deadlines for FedEx also mean that your e-commerce business will want to try to stock up on inventory as soon as possible.

Christmas Shipping With Shippo

Christmas shipping with Shippo gives your e-commerce business the flexibility you’ll need to serve your customers in time for the holiday.

With over 30 FedEx services supported by Shippo, you’ll be able to ensure your customers have an option to get their Christmas gifts delivered. You can even connect your FedEx account to Shippo to see your rates before purchasing shipping labels.

Best of all, as a customer of Shippo, you’re eligible for discounts to your FedEx account such as up to 50% off FedEx Express® shipping, 25% off FedEx Ground Shipping®, and 20% off FedEx Office® services.

Visit our holiday shipping center to find out more information on how to prepare your e-commerce business for Christmas and other holidays this year.

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