Partner with Shippo to Build Powerful
Shipping and Tracking Solutions

Solve your customers' shipping challenges

Technical Support

Hands-on support team to help your business design custom shipping solutions, integrations, and training.

Marketing Support

Co-marketing opportunities including case studies, guest blog posts, email newsletters, and more.

Sales Support

We will provide dedicated Shippo sales resources and the option to partner at conferences, roadshows, etc.

Partner with Shippo for Shipping

Shippo empowers you to build powerful, reliable, and scalable shipping functionality as part of your application. As a Shippo partner, you will have access to sales, marketing, and developer support you need to solve your customers’ shipping challenges.

What does it mean to be a partner?

  • Partners who work with merchants, marketplaces, apps, and other platforms to integrate or build Shippo into an existing solution to power their shipping requirements.
  • Marketplaces, apps, and platforms that need shipping inside their experience

By partnering with Shippo, you can rely on us to provide you with a stable, scalable shipping solution.


One integration for all your customers’ shipping needs

RESTful API with 99.9% uptime

Integrate one API to connect with an entire network of carriers.

International Parcels

Access the right paperwork and fill them out in the same workflow.

Responsive Technical Support

With 98% customer satisfaction, and a private Slack channel, you’re in good hands.

Discounted shipping labels

Instantly access up to 60% off USPS labels, and compare multiple rates.

Address verification

Stop shipping to bad addresses. We verify every single one.

Add insurance

Easy to file, fast to claim. Good policies don’t have to be expensive or messy.

Pay-on-use return labels
Create return labels for free. Only get charged if they’re used.
Tracking with webhooks

With push-based webhooks, see where your parcels are at all times.

SCAN/manifest support

Smooth out your pick-up process with one scanform for all your packages.

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