USPS Shipping Rate Discounts

Shippo is a shipping API and a web shipping dashboard that connects e-commerce stores with a global network of shipping carriers.

Many Shippo customers choose to ship with the USPS in the US to benefit from the largest delivery network in the US. Using the Shippo service you will get access to the USPS API to calculate shipping rates and create and print shipping labels. Next to the technical simplicity of the Shippo service, our additional benefit is passing on USPS shipping discounts to Shippo users.

The USPS shipping discounts offered by the Shippo service is a volume based discounts based on all aggregated packages being shipped through the Shippo service. This means that all users using the Shippo service will instantly get higher discounts than what they would qualify for individually. Our USPS shipping discounts are higher than both USPS commercial base pricing and in many cases also USPS commercial plus pricing. With the Shippo service you can save on shipping costs by using significant USPS shipping discounts.

The Shippo pricing is very straightforward. We pass on the USPS shipping discounts to our customers and charge $0.05 per shipping label created through Shippo.

For enterprise customers we are happy to explore higher discounts and lower label fees. Feel free to contact us to discuss your enterprise pricing or to learn more about our USPS shipping discounts and the corresponding savings.

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