Shippo + OrangeDS

Use OrangeDS with Shippo for Global Shipping Services

Shippo is the easiest and most reliable way to access OrangeDS shipping and tracking services.

Why Shippo?

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Easy-to-use Web App

Easily manage all of your carriers, shipping operations, and integrations from our user-friendly web app.

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Shareable Tracking

Automatically email tracking information to customers so they know when to expect a package delivery.

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Automatic Syncing

Integrate Shippo with your e-commerce platform or marketplace to seamlessly pull in orders to fulfill.

Supported OrangeDS Services

  • International Express
  • International Expedited
  • International Budget
  • Domestic Expedited
  • Domestic Budget
  • Tracking Status
  • Tracking History

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Tens of thousands of savvy e-commerce businesses have mastered their shipping with Shippo.

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