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Jan 25, 2022

Partnering on E-Commerce Label Printing & Beyond: PackYak + Shippo Case Study

This post was originally published on the PackYak blog.

PackYak is an e-commerce fulfillment company offering customers the ability to connect e-commerce storefronts – including Shopify, Amazon, and many others – to PackYak’s warehouse management software. PackYak then accepts customer inventory as it leaves manufacturing facilities, warehouses these products, and ships orders around the globe.

The Challenge

As a fulfillment provider, PackYak must offer the most competitive shipping rates to their customers or be outbid by those who have access to superior pricing. The additional challenge was finding a shipping partner who is able to provide return services, order tracking, open API, e-commerce platform flexibility, and the potential to integrate seamlessly into many different e-commerce storefronts. Beyond these minimum requirements, PackYak hoped to find a partnership in shipping label generation that offered a personable staff willing to find overlapping growth opportunities for both parties.

The Solution 

After scouring the globe, PackYak was fortunate enough to find Shippo. Shippo was the one-stop solution for each and every PackYak need, and quickly became an opportunity to offer customers much more. Shippo offered the ability to integrate directly into the PackYak warehouse management system in minutes. This simple one-click integration also applied to PackYak’s customers’ e-commerce storefronts, including Shopify, eBay, Woo-Commerce, and many others. Shippo’s shipping platform seamlessly pushes tracking numbers through the warehouse software, directly to the connected storefronts of business partners. Every day, thousands of eager customers receive these tracking and delivery updates through email. Soon after, a package arrives on their doorstep with a label created from Shippo’s platform. 

Shippo’s USPS, DHL, and UPS shipping rates let everyone save a pretty penny on shipping cost, and the option for return labels in-platform was a valuable game-changer for PackYak’s customers as well. These labels are not charged until receiving a scan by the post office, so if a customer doesn’t need to return the item after the label is generated, no sweat – and no charge.

Beyond each of these points, Shippo has gone out of its way to help PackYak grow, with the support team staying in regular contact to offer and discover mutually beneficial opportunities. This partnership is worth its weight in gold to any growing e-commerce business.

The Results

By using Shippo, PackYak is able to offer to stay cost-competitive in their e-commerce fulfillment niche. With premier shipping rates, tracking information, one-click integrations, return label flexibility, an API for custom-tailored e-commerce solutions, and a team ready to build lifetime partnerships, Shippo is one company everyone needs to know in e-commerce. PackYak could not be more enthusiastically positive about the value Shippo has added to their business and for their customers, and would have a much harder time staying price competitive and flexible in e-commerce fulfillment without the partnership. For this reason and many more, PackYak and Shippo will continue to offer their customers and partners supreme value for years to come!

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