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May 12, 2021

FedEx Names Shippo as the Winner of its 2021 Compatible Envision Award

Shippo, a leading shipping platform for growing e-commerce businesses, is proud to announce today that it has been selected as the winner of the FedEx 2021 Compatible Envision Award. The Compatible Envision Award is given each year to the highest-performing new solution provider in the FedEx Compatible Tier Program.

Shippo’s collaboration with FedEx enabled delivery of significant value to businesses during an unprecedented year. During this time, many businesses were forced to move online for the first time, while others significantly increased their e-commerce and direct-to-consumer investments to keep up with the shifting global economy. Shippo’s FedEx offering has lowered the barriers to entry for many of these businesses by allowing them to seamlessly adopt and leverage FedEx services to better meet the needs of their customers and fuel growth.

Through Shippo, businesses of all sizes get access to discounted rates for many key FedEx services including FedEx Ground and FedEx Express shipping. Shippo’s software makes it easy to find the best shipping option for every order across all sales channels so that businesses can keep up with customer needs while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

From waiving its platform fees at the beginning of the pandemic, to providing resources like comprehensive e-commerce guides, webinars, and one-on-one consultations, Shippo powered the rise of thousands of new businesses, and smoothed the online transition for thousands of others, all while helping merchants leverage competitive FedEx rates and unparalleled customer service.

“E-commerce has been a rare bright spot in a tumultuous year, and solutions like Shippo and FedEx working together have helped merchants simplify the complexities of shipping to exceed customer expectations,” said Vince DeAngelis, VP of carrier partnerships at Shippo. “This award is a reflection of our compatibility with FedEx, helping us unlock shipping as a growth engine for merchants.”

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