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International Shipping with DHL Express

By Shan Lian , Thu 07 Sep 2017

International shipping with DHL Express

If you’re looking to start shipping internationally for the first time, we recommend reviewing our Guide to International Shipping to get detailed information about customs documents, duty, and other areas to consider when going international. This post is an expansion on what to consider when deciding which carriers to use when going international. 

Based on our Guide to International Shipping, many businesses have asked us to dive deeper into the nuts and bolts of implementing alternative carriers for their international shipments. So we’re highlighting one here that our customers get immediate access to when signed up with Shippo.

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E-Commerce Shipping

When, Where, and How of Shipping Insurance

By Shan Lian , Wed 06 Sep 2017

Shipping Insurance Shippo

To buy or not to buy, that is the question when it comes to shipping insurance. Often times, insurance can feel like a waste of money. But those few times you lose a package or that one-of-a-kind piece is damaged, you wish that you had just spent those few extra dollars.

So when should you buy shipping insurance? Where do you even get it? And how do claims work? We’ve put together an introductory guide for shipping insurance, outlining what you should consider when it comes to insuring your packages. 

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E-Commerce Shipping

Five Most Important Metrics for Monitoring Supply Partner Performance

By Guest Author , Tue 05 Sep 2017

DSCO supply partner metrics

Recently, a client of ours faced a dilemma.

Each time one of their suppliers received a customer order they would send back a carrier tracking code within five minutes, showing that the item had been shipped.

While our client knew this was a nearly impossible turnaround time, there was no way for them to make sure that the supplier had not in fact shipped the order.

The problem was that their metrics were off. 

They were asking their supplier for a short average time-to-ship but were in fact measuring shipping code creation times. This incentivised their supplier to create shipping codes as soon as possible in order to meet compliance requirements and avoid penalties.

By giving our client real carrier acknowledgment data from our integration with Shippo, we were able to solve this problem and facilitate a good discussion between them and their supplier.

Their dilemma, however, raises the issue of proper metrics for measuring partnership performance and insuring that the customer experience is not impacted by cancelled, late, or inaccurate shipments.

To shed some light on this I’ll discuss the five most important metrics that we at Dsco use to rate supplier performance.


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