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Becoming an International Brand

By Shippo , Sat 03 Jun 2017

When it comes to growing your business and making your brand a global presence, selling worldwide is a must. Shippo can help you connect with a worldwide carrier network via a dashboard and an API to get rates, print labels, generate customs documents and track packages. However, going global touches every part of your business, from warehouse operations to customer support.

To prepare your ecommerce business to go global we invite you to watch this presentation by Lucy Marshall, from World First from the Shippo Summit. If you prefer, we’ve also transcribed her presentation below.

Why Should you Go Global?

Internet Retailer is calling for sales to triple in 2017, and ecommerce still makes up only 10% of the overall commerce market, so there's massive growth opportunity. They also say that there's $3.1 billion up for grabs in sales in Amazon's European marketplaces alone, and Amazon has ten marketplaces globally. Using Amazon as an example, their storefronts have customers in 185 countries, so there really is a global landscape for buyers that are buying outside of their home country.

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Meet Shippo at IRCE 2017

By Shippo , Wed 31 May 2017

Shippo IRCE

Join Shippo from June 6 – 9th in Chicago at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, the largest ecommerce trade show in the industry. Meet us at booth 553 to discuss how to utilize better shipping technology to help your business succeed. 
Shippo’s commitment for creating a better shipping experience for sellers start at the root of the problem: tying together the fragmented shipping experience. Our technology connects platforms and retailers to carriers around the world. With the help of Shippo, shipping can turn from an expensive and time-consuming operation into your competitive advantage.
Talk with us about your business pain-points to see if shipping can be utilized to help you solve them. You can stop by our booth or book a meeting with our team today for IRCE.


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E-Commerce Shipping

Evolution of Ecommerce Expectations

By Shippo , Thu 25 May 2017

Ecommerce retailers are finding themselves between a 'rock and a hard place' when competing in today's market. Fast paced growth driven by more online shoppers and online channels, growing customer expectations for fast and free shipping, plus increasing carrier rates, make it difficult to compete successfuly.

The question in front of all of us is: how can I profitably meet the customer expectations in a rapidly transforming ecommerce-driven world?

To learn how to make shipping your competitive advantage we invite you to watch this presentation by Mike Comstock from the Shippo Summit. If you prefer we’ve transcribed his presentation below.

Impact of Amazon

There is no question, everybody is aware that ecommerce is growing at an accelerated rate. Based on research by MIT in conjunction with Internet Retailer, it is estimated that in 2016 there were 50 million ecommerce websites in the world. There's no question that Amazon is the catalyst for change in the ecommerce world. If we looked at the traditional retailers and compare that to Amazon in terms of market value over the last decade, it is really a sobering view. You can see that traditional brick and mortar retailers have really undergone a terrific erosion in their market value. During the same time we see Amazon's market value increasing nearly 2,000%.

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E-Commerce Shipping

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