Return Shipping

Streamline returns for your customers and your business

Return labels inside the box

Easy returns for customers by including return labels with your shipments

Simple return process

Let your support team own the return merchandise process from end-to-end

Alternative return address

Streamline operations by shipping returned products to a different warehouse

Control returns from your fingertips

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Optimizing Ecommerce Returns

30% of all products ordered online are returned compared to only 8% of those purchased at brick-and-mortar stores. For an ecommerce retailer, returns are simply the cost of doing business. While returns are unavoidable, businesses can take steps to minimize the operational headaches and impact on the bottom line.

Here's our 5-step framework on how to optimizing your return process.

Facilitate returns via our API

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curl \
    -H "Authorization: ShippoToken " \
    -d address_from="d799c2679e644279b59fe661ac8fa488" \
    -d address_to="42236bcf36214f62bcc6d7f12f02a849" \
    -d parcels=["7df2ecf8b4224763ab7c71fae7ec8274"] \
    -d shipment_date="2013-12-03T12:00:00.000Z" \
    -d extra='{ "is_return": true}' \
    -d async=false