Shippo makes it easy to ship your products with the ability to import orders, connect with carriers, and print a label in seconds.


In addition to discounted rates for USPS, DHL, and other carriers, Shippo also speeds up the label creation process for more cost savings.


From shipping your first package to millions a year, Shippo has the features to help you succeed at every stage.


Integrate with e-commerce platforms, select a favorite shipping carrier, and more to meet the needs of your business.


"Shippo helps us create, download, and print labels quicker than ever. Now we don’t have to sit for long periods entering shipment information to get labels—which frees up our time to do other things, like sourcing the finest goods made in Portland!"

Create Labels Automatically

Print with one click using your preferred shipping service, saved package information, and our streamlined label generator.

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Easily Integrate with E-commerce Platforms

Sync orders, tracking information, and more with all of your favorite platforms.

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"Shippo is sequenced into our Shopify platform so we don't have to do a whole lot to get each shipment out the door quickly. With a few clicks, you've printed a label and notified the customer of their tracking number."

Connect with a Global Network of Carriers

Access multiple domestic and international shipping carriers at once.

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Label Created
Tracking info Sent
Order Received
Order Fulfilled

"Shippo's API customized our tracking using webhooks. Shippo shares tracking in real time in our app. It lets us keep the package's contents a secret until the delivery. Shippo even triggers VNYL to automatically upload music to a customer's Spotify playlist at the time of delivery."

Offer Returns, Tracking, and Personalized Shipping Options

Plus, scan-based return labels, tracking pages, batch label printing, discounted insurance, address validation, and more.

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"Shippo's RESTful API, intuitive docs, and customer support made it easy to connect. Since our system was built on Python, we easily integrated with Shippo using the Python client library. Now, orders are automatically pushed to the Shippo dashboard."

Easy-to-use Web App or Customizable API

Choose the software that works for you, without sacrificing on shipping.

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Kickstart your shipping without a monthly subscription. Pay a per label fee + the cost of postage.
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