The 2018 Holiday Shipping
And Selling Central

[Webinar] Speed Up Delivery

Consumer demands are skyrocketing as we head into the holiday season. The good news? There are ways to exceed these expectations. 

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Holiday Prep Checklist

Download your holiday selling and shipping checklist today so you can boost your bottom line–and keep the coal out of your stocking at year’s end.

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Holiday Advice from Our Experts

Expert advice to master the holiday retail season.

Peak Season Surcharge Tips

You'll want to make sure to include peak season surcharges in your budgetary forecast or risk missing your profit goals.

E-commerce Shipping Guide

Everything you need to ship like a pro, including how to set up your shipping processes and how to choose a carrier.

How to Offer Free Shipping

Here's how to offer free shipping to help you impress customers while making some of that money back in other ways.

Shippo How-to Videos

Learn how to use Shippo to effortlessly fulfill your holiday orders faster.

Print Labels in Batch

If you want to speed up your fulfillment process, you'll want to consider printing your labels in batch.

Save a Favorite Service Level

Save your Favorite Service Level to automatically choose a carrier and service level for your labels.

Save a Package Template

Save a Package Template to pre-fill the package dimensions and weight information for your orders.