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This Wix Shipping Integration Alternative Makes it Easy to Ship Wix Orders

By: Michelle McNamara | November 20, 2018

As you may know, Wix shipping integrations are not yet officially supported within the Wix dashboard. In the meantime, however, if you’re a Wix seller, you still need to ship orders to your customers. So, what is a good alternative solution for you since a Wix shipping integration does not yet exist?

One option is to purchase postage through USPS.com or directly through another carrier. But, that tends to be a time-intensive, error-ridden process since you have to manually enter the address information plus package dimensions and weight to create each shipping label.

A better option is to export your Wix shipping orders as a CSV file. Then, upload that file into a shipping software to create Wix shipping labels in batch. Here are three ways Wix users can take advantage of a shipping solution to get smart about shipping.

Select a CSV Template Specifically for Wix

Shippo has a special CSV template that matches the CSV mapping used by Wix. Without this template, Wix users have to upload the CSV file then go through field by field to confirm what pertinent information is included in each column. That time-consuming process was necessary to ensure that the correct information is inputted in order to successfully create Wix shipping labels.

Shippo’s special CSV template recognizes the way Wix organizes its CSV files, so the fields are automatically mapped correctly.

Print Labels in Batch

Another great reason to use a shipping software is its ability to print shipping labels in batch. You can import a list of orders, then select up to 100 orders to fulfill at once. Batch printing streamlines the process so you only input the carrier service level, package dimensions, and weight one time then all of the labels are pre-populated with this information. If there are one-off orders that you want to modify, you can do that, too, before you purchase and print the labels.

Automatically Send Email Notifications Without a Wix Shipping Integration

Finally, you can automatically (or manually) send tracking information to customers using a shipping software like Shippo. If you were to purchase labels on the carriers’ websites, you would then have to manually send tracking information to each customer. But, Shippo allows you to add your branding and company logo to the email notifications. And if you turn on automated email notifications, they’ll be sent to your customers without you having to lift a finger.

If you’d like to try a shipping software as a Wix shipping integration alternative for yourself, you can use Shippo for free with either a 30-day free trial of our Professional Plan or on our Pay As You Go pricing plan. Visit our pricing page for more information or reach out to us. And, when you’re ready, watch this two-minute tutorial video that shows you how to import your Wix orders into Shippo.

Michelle McNamara

Senior Marketing Manager at Shippo

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