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All Things Shipping | September 24, 2015

How Shopify’s Shipping Tools Compares to Shippo’s App

Shopify released a new feature for its American merchants today that enables them to create USPS shipping labels directly in their Shopify admin interface. We’ve tried out the functionality and compared the prices. So, how does Shopify’s new native tool compare to Shippo’s Shopify app?

We break down the similarities and differences between the two:

Features Shippo Shopify Notes
USPS First Class Rates Commercial Base Pricing Commercial Base Pricing Commercial Base Pricing is a discount from the retail post office rates for commercial shippers.
USPS Priority Mail Rates Below Commercial Base price for all Shippo users, regardless of volume Discount depends on chosen Shopify plan Additional volume discounts are available on Shippo. Contact us for details.
Multi-Carrier Support Connect with USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post or dozen other global carriers. USPS Only In addition to USPS discounts, Shippo also provides DHL Express discounts for all of its users.
Batch Label Creation Yes No Create labels for multiple orders via one flow.
Return Label Creation Yes No Shippo offers scan-based return labels and regular pre-paid return labels.
Packing Slips Yes No  
Insurance Discounted Insurance No We offer 1-click discounted shipping insurance for packages shipped via Shippo.
Manifests Yes No When doing high-volume shipping, many carriers require the use of Manifest or SCAN forms to accept packages.
Customer Support Specially trained shipping experts Generalist Shopify agents  

We’ve been simplifying shipping for thousands of Shopify store owners for over two years. The expert knowledge we’ve built up on the shipping means creating labels is our sweet spot:

Save Precious Time – Manage and track orders and shipments in our simple, user-friendly dashboard. Create and print labels from your own computer in just three steps.

Save Money on USPS Labels – Our USPS discounts will save you up to 80% off retail rates & up to 70% off Commercial Base rates. 

Grow & Save More – No monthly subscription fees, you only pay 5¢ per label. If you have volume higher than 1,000 packages/mo, let us know! We’ll lower your shipping costs even more.

Compare Rates Across Carriers – Ship with 15+ shipping carriers, comparing rates for your packages across all of them so that you choose the best option to ship your orders.

Get Friendly Support – Our customer service team has a 97% satisfaction rating from our customers. We’re shipping experts and our #1 priority is to simplify your shipping 🙂

Haven’t tried us out yet? Sign up here. No commitment required.


Shippo is a multi-carrier API and web app that helps retailers, marketplaces and platforms connect to a global network of carriers. Businesses use Shippo to get real-time rates, print labels, automate international paperwork, track packages and facilitate returns. Shippo provides the tools to help businesses succeed through shipping.

Shan Lian does Product Marketing at Shippo

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