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May 11, 2022

Provide a Better Package Tracking Experience for Customers

Tracking is a foundational service to e-commerce: it accompanies nearly every package, and on average, customers will look at a package tracking page 3.5 times per order. For every e-commerce company, it’s a valuable opportunity to deliver a great shopper experience, drive repeat business, reinforce your brand, and reduce support inquiries.

With our newly improved tracking, it’s easier than ever to set up automated email notifications and tracking pages so your customers know exactly where their orders are at all times!

Discover what’s included in our latest update:

Deliver a Better Experience with New Email Designs

We’ve not only updated the look of the shipment and delivery email notifications your customers receive but also added additional details so that the information they want most is front and center. Our new emails deliver a great customer experience as soon as an order has shipped.

Reduce Inquiries with Updated Tracking Pages

We’ve refreshed the tracking page so shoppers have access to the latest status of their order and can see every step of their package’s journey. With frequent updates from our carrier connections and easy access from shipment and delivery emails, the updated tracking page has all the details your customers need.

Manage Tracking Experience with Confidence and Ease

We’ve consolidated where you enable shipment and delivery emails and where you edit tracking pages so that setup is simple and straightforward. With our new preview and edit panels, you can edit with confidence and see exactly how your customers track orders on desktop and mobile devices.

Reinforce Your Brand at Every Touchpoint

In addition, we’re excited to introduce secondary custom colors for emails and tracking pages for our Pro and Premier Plan shippers to further enhance your brand at every customer touchpoint.

Tracking with Shippo helps you deliver an excellent customer experience so you can reassure your shoppers every step of the way, reduce order status inquiries by sending automated email notifications, which include tracking pages for the latest details, and reinforce your brand so you never miss out on an opportunity to market your company and maintain brand consistency.

The journey doesn’t stop at checkout. Continue a positive post-purchase experience, and expand your brand by enabling tracking in Shippo, an essential tool for your modern e-commerce business. We’ve got more in store for tracking, so stay tuned for even more exciting updates coming soon!

Interested in the custom benefits the Pro and Premier Plans offer for tracking? Try a 30-day free trial of Shippo’s Professional Plan or contact sales to discuss joining our Premier Plan.

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