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Aug 16, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Owning the Entire Checkout to Delivery Customer Experience with PrettyDamnQuick

E-commerce platforms like Shopify made it easy to sell online, and Shippo made it easy to buy shipping labels at lower costs, but the entire checkout-fulfillment-delivery process is still fragmented, costly, chaotic, time-consuming, and has limited visibility.

We all know that the e-commerce customer experience doesn’t end at checkout, but few independent brands capitalize on the opportunities for increased conversion and customer retention by managing the steps between a new order and its delivery. What’s more, independent brands need tools to help keep up with the constantly increasing expectations of customers.

The State of eCommerce

In today’s economy, high-growth e-commerce brands are investing more into user retention and brand management. And that makes sense, especially with rising marketing costs. In one study, Finextra found that the marketing cost for brands to acquire new customers is roughly $34 per customer. Brands can’t afford to lose customers, especially when they invest so much in their acquisition.

The value of independent brands is also tied to the brand itself. That means they can’t move to Amazon or subcontract their fulfillment logistics to another provider because doing so overrides and erases their unique brand identity.

In managing fulfillment, brands must also grapple with increasing speed and managing delivery costs. According to Supply Chain Dive, shipping costs are rising by 5.9% (on average) each year. Still, rapid order completion at reasonable prices has become the market norm, and brands need to keep up if they hope to remain attractive to their customer base.

Shipping at the Center of the Customer Experience

Four years ago, PrettyDamnQuick’s Co-Founder Avi Moskowitz experienced the struggles of e-commerce logistics firsthand when he launched an online store for his craft brewery, BeerBazaar.

Covid struck shortly after, and the business’ online orders skyrocketed. They quickly realized there wasn’t an adequate tool for modern fulfillment and delivery logistics, especially not for small eCommerce businesses. So, they set out to build the platform they needed for themselves. Thus, PrettyDamnQuick was born.

Today, PrettyDamnQuick provides fulfillment management software for e-commerce brands on Shopify to streamline their delivery logistics. PrettyDamnQuick’s offering for every variation of delivery and pickup allows small businesses to compete and provide fast, affordable shipping. With their simple checkout to delivery platform and their partnership with Shippo for the best shipping rates, PrettyDamnQuick is helping all independent brands ship for less and deliver on time. This enables brands to scale faster by providing the lowest cost shipping rates with multiple carriers, including last-mile delivery services like Uber, DoorDash, and Postmates.

Why should I use PrettyDamnQuick?

Modern e-commerce brands use PrettyDamnQuick to streamline and automate their entire checkout to delivery workflow. It’s so simple that anybody can become a logistics expert in minutes. They also have a team of delivery experts providing delivery optimization tips.

  • The ultimate customer experience in checkout: Delivery methods aren’t one size fits all. PDQ’s checkout configurator helps you set up and customize your store’s unique delivery methods based on location (like local same-day delivery), by order size (free shipping above a certain size), and by virtually any other rule you’d like to create. By giving your customers more delivery options with clear arrival dates (‘Arrives by Wednesday,’ like Amazon), you set an accurate expectation for when their order arrives.
  • The fastest & cheapest delivery service for every order: Once an order is placed in PrettyDamnQuick, it’s assigned to the delivery service that can keep that order’s delivery promise at the lowest cost. PDQ’s checkout configurator considers every available option to recommend the best delivery method for each order, including major carriers, regional shippers, 3PLs, and last-mile carriers.
  • High touch fulfillment with Shippo: PrettyDamnQuick starts at checkout and continues through to delivery. It uses Shippo to find the best rates for carriers and purchase labels. Brands use PrettyDamnQuick to add other branded slips and manage their entire fulfillment process: from pick & pack, to splitting orders, to scheduling orders, and more.

Is PrettyDamnQuick a good option for me?

PrettyDamnQuick is the optimal delivery platform for Shopify stores with over 200 orders a month that fulfill in-house or with a 3PL. And they’re currently migrating many users from Shipstation.

How do I get access to PrettyDamnQuick?

PDQ is currently onboarding new users at special introductory pricing.
Sign up here for a demo to see how it works:

Or download their Shopify app:

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