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Mar 8, 2022

Customer Highlight: Woman-owned E-commerce Businesses To Support On International Women’s Day And Beyond

There are few holidays that unite people from all around the globe for a common cause of celebration and appreciation. International Woman’s Day is one of them and no matter your gender, you can’t deny the impact women have had in all facets of progress in the world. Woman-owned e-commerce businesses are just one example of this.

Over the last century especially, stereotypes have been broken and glass ceilings have been shattered. But, that doesn’t mean the mission of equality is over.

According to the Harvard Business Review, female entrepreneurs only receive about 2% of venture funding even though they own 38% of businesses in the U.S. But, despite the gaps in funding, female entrepreneurs find a way to succeed.

As a way to celebrate the tenacity and hard work of female entrepreneurs, we’ve chosen to highlight some of our favorite woman-owned e-commerce businesses that you can support for International Woman’s day and beyond.

You Go Natural | Stylish Pre-tied Head Wraps

As any female e-commerce business owner could tell you, life can get busy. But no matter what type of professional you are, one thing that shouldn’t have to be ignored is your hair. That’s where You Go Natural comes in. This fast-growing company was created by Monique Little when she was looking for a quick hairstyling solution that was both functional and beautiful.

You Go Natural offers premium pre-tied head wraps that are not only quick and easy to put on but can also help elevate your style. There are over 100 different head wraps to choose from with tutorials on how to put them on and an option for just about every occasion.

There are open turbans for working out, silk turbans for sleeping in, headbands for going out in, and even turbans you can go swimming with. While You Go Natural started with the busy female in mind, there are also over 30 different options available for men as well.

The average wait time is just 2-3 business days for shipping domestic orders and customers can get free shipping on orders $100 and up. You also have the option to add route package protection for a small fee.

Ivory Paper Co | Planners, Stationery, and Goal Organizers

Everyone knows that one of the biggest keys to success is staying organized. But, keeping mental notes and saving notes on your phone can only help so much. There are plenty of planners out there to help you stay organized but few can meet all of your needs like the ones at Ivory Paper Co.

The business was founded in late 2018 by influencer, CEO, and avid planner Alitzah Stinson. As a big fan of stationery and planners, she never found one that exactly fit her busy lifestyle. That’s when Ivory Paper Co was born.

Each planner is custom-made so you can start getting organized at any time. You can choose your start date, the cover, the length of your planner, the layout, and other details so that it fits your style. There are also budget planners, academic planners, social planners, and more.

Alongside that, there are other customizable organizational tools like notebooks, stationery, desk pads, note pages, stickers, and more. There is also a whole line of women’s apparel to choose from and Ivory Paper Co. has recently launched wellness journals as well.

The facility is located in Columbus, OH, the business is family-owned, and each planner is made to order.

Free shipping is available for orders $80+ and shipped in the U.S. Planners will usually be sent out 7-10 business days after orders are placed since they need time to piece your custom-made planner together. After that, you can expect your order to arrive at your door between 1-3 days so plan accordingly.

BB Frösch | All-Natural Paint Transformer

Anyone who has tried to paint furniture before knows that the whole process can get a bit messy and tedious. But, when you use the right paint transformer, it doesn’t have to be.

BB Frösch uses all-natural minerals and mixes with acrylic paint or ordinary flat latex paint to turn them into a thicker and creamy like paint that sticks to almost any surface it touches. This means if you’re trying to freshen up your furniture you can avoid all the prep work like sanding, priming, and stripping with BB Frösch.

BB Frösch was created by mother and daughter duo, Kristen and Kacey. It all began when Kristen was inspired to revamp her cedar chest into something Pinterest-worthy. She had no choice but to drive 45 minutes and spend $300 in supplies to get the “chalk” paint she needed to get the distressed, shabby-chic finish she was hoping for. She loved using the “chalk” paint and was happy with the final results, though Kristen realized that the price and limited colors on these “chalk” paints were not ideal. That’s when she created her own DIY powder that allowed her to transform any paint into “chalk” paint!

BB Frösch allows you to paint over wood, fabric, metal, plastic, laminate, tile, kitchen cabinets, and more. Unlike other paint transformers, BB Frösch avoids any toxic chemicals and comes at a price tag that the average person can afford.

BB Frösch also sells more than just paint transformers. You can also find other painting supplies such as brushes, paint trays, finishing wax, as well as e-books written by Kristen herself to educate you on certain topics such as how to paint furniture, how to flip furniture, and how to paint cabinets.

U.S.-based customers can expect their orders to be shipped from BB Frösch within 2-4 business days and should have their products arrive within 7-10 business days.

The Ollie World: Breathable and Effective Baby Swaddles

The Ollie World was founded by Hindi Zeidman after she became a single foster mom to a baby named Oliver.

When Oliver was adopted at about 3 months old he was having trouble meeting certain growth milestones, sleeping, and eating. He was at risk of being labeled “failure to thrive” which essentially means he would’ve had to have been hospitalized. 

Because of Hindi’s background, she knew how important swaddling is to the development of children and tried just about everything on the market. But, those swaddles just didn’t meet the criteria of containing Oliver, applying the right amount of pressure to him, and protecting him from overheating. That’s when The Ollie Swaddle was born – the swaddle that finally allowed Oliver to sleep, eat, and thrive.

Coming in 5 different colors, The Ollie Swaddle is Ollie World’s signature product. Each swaddle is made out of moisture-wicking threads to reduce the risk of overheating, can open from the bottom so that you can change diapers without having to remove the swaddle, and the custom closure ensures the perfect fit for your baby even as they grow. The stretch fabric also allows your baby to move in the swaddle without the risk of them getting out.

Having the proper swaddle provides both therapeutic and developmental benefits for babies. One of the biggest benefits is helping them get healthy sleep (and not to mention helping you get healthy sleep as well)!

Free shipping is available when you purchase an Ollie Swaddle. Priority Mail shipping is also available for an additional fee which comes with insurance of up to $100 for your shipment and estimates to arrive at your door between 1-3 business days.

Happy Hope Foundation | Corporate Engagement Opportunities for Children in Need

The Message of Hope Foundation, now referred to as the Happy Hope Foundation, started in 2011 with a mission to bring happiness and a much-needed distraction for hospitalized children. Founder Emi Burke, a mother of a disabled young son herself, saw firsthand how her child and other children who spent long periods of time undergoing medical treatment had nothing to occupy their minds while they were in the hospital.

Since its founding in 2011, over 560,000+ children have been able to receive the foundation’s signature Happy Hope Bags which include supplies like crayons, coloring books, toys, bubbles, and other related items that help spread cheer and keep kids engaged as they are battling chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

The Happy Hope Foundation takes a unique approach when it comes to e-commerce. They don’t sell directly to the parents of these children. Instead, corporate sponsors can order supplies needed to assemble and ship the Happy Hope Bags. This gives their employees the chance to take a hands-on approach in making a difference in the lives of thousands of children.

Individuals and businesses can also volunteer at the Happy Hope Factory located in Pocasset, Massachusetts where they can assemble Hope Bags and engage in other team-building activities.

Remote events through Zoom are also available so businesses anywhere can participate and the bags will be shipped to the local hospitals of those who assemble the bags.

The Pastry Project | Baking and Pastry Classes and Subscription

The Pastry Project is another woman-owned e-commerce business created by two previous co-workers, Heather and Emily, that takes a unique way of supporting local communities.

The primary focus of The Pastry Project is to provide free baking and pastry training to people with barriers to education and employment within the industry. The Pastry Project offers a hands-on 14-week training program where students will learn the fundamentals of baking along with more in-demand technical skills for advanced pastries.

Curriculum materials, uniforms, lunches, and stipends for transit and childcare are all included. After completing the program, the Pastry Project will assist students in applying for employment with their hiring partners at dessert shops, grocery stores, and bakeries.

In order to fund the program, The Pastry Project relies on corporate sponsors and donors, private classes/events, and Baking & Pastry Subscriptions.

By signing up for one of their subscriptions, you’ll be sent ingredients and instructions every month to bake something delicious at home. Kits are different every month, but no matter if it’s a sweet or savory pastry you’ll be sure to love it. Knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives by baking and eating delicious food is pretty sweet too.

Boom Bangkok by Annie | Thai Dresses and Women’s Clothing

Authentic, fashionable, and local are what come to mind when you shop at Boom Bangkok by Annie.

Boom Bangkok by Annie was conceived by Annie Suwan with the help of her husband, David Toborowsky, following the couple’s stint on a hit reality TV show. Viewers were in love with the pieces that Annie was wearing on the show. Annie is from Thailand, so the pieces she was adorning were Thai fashion. When she and David heard that viewers expressed their love for Annie’s clothing, Annie wanted to bring Thai fashion to the U.S. and make it accessible for others!

All the dresses available on the site are made in local shops in Thailand and are inspected to ensure that they are of the highest quality, then imported by Boom Bangkok by Annie. Not only is helping small businesses one of the benefits of shopping at Boom Bangkok by Annie, but you’ll also find a dress for almost every occasion.

There is a dress for sunny days out on the beach or at a picnic, one you can wear to cover additional clothing, another dress for a day out/evening in, and other dresses that will fit every occasion.

When you place an order with Boom Bangkok you’ll get several options when it comes to shipping. You can choose between several USPS services depending on where you are shipping your order to. Shipping prices will vary depending on the destination as well.

One thing you can count on with Boom Bangkok to go along with the quality of the dresses is the speed in which orders are processed and shipped. Orders placed in the morning will ship out in the afternoon, and orders placed at night will ship out the early morning the next day.

bemybreastfriend | A Mother’s Best Freind for Carrying Breastfeeding Equipment

When it comes to breastfeeding, each mother has their own journey that works best for them. But, don’t take it from me (after all I’m a man) but instead take it from the founder of bemybreastfriend, Kristen.

She’s a mother of 3, soon to be 4, and is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) with years of experience when it comes to breastfeeding.

She recognized that each mother’s journey into breastfeeding will be a bit different but in all likelihood, it will require some helpful supplies along the way. bemybreastfreind offers a solution by selling boob bags to help carry all your breastfeeding equipment such as manual hand pumps, pumping spray, lactation massagers, and more.

These boob bags come in three different colors, are machine washable, and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and in Canada. Free ground shipping is available for all domestic orders.

But, bemybreastfreind isn’t just a woman-owned e-commerce business. It is also a place to find reviews and product information for other breastfeeding accessories.

How to Support Woman-Owned E-commerce Businesses

It’s important to mention again that while there has been a substantial amount of progress made in this area, the disparity that women-owned businesses face is still very prevalent, especially for those just starting out.

According to research conducted by JP Morgan Chase, woman-owned businesses on average make 34% less than male-owned businesses in their first year.

But, there are several ways we can all help woman-owned e-commerce businesses and women-owned businesses of all types.

  • Shop at Women-owned E-commerce Businesses

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to support woman-owned e-commerce businesses. As highlighted above, woman-owned businesses span across different industries such as paint, apparel, food, and more. No matter what you’re shopping for, there is likely a woman-owned e-commerce business that offers a solution for you. If those sites offer gift cards you can even consider purchasing one as a gift for someone else.

  • Donate to Woman-Owned Businesses

This doesn’t just mean donating financially. It could include donating time, products, expertise, and other resources to woman-owned e-commerce businesses. For example, if you work in web design consider giving a free consultation to a female-owned e-commerce business. Or if you’re an established e-commerce site owner, consider giving free consultations to women who are starting their own journey into the e-commerce industry.

  • Invest in Women-owned Companies

While there are avenues for women to gain funding to start their own business, it’s often less than that of their male counterparts. If you’re in a position to invest in a business consider investing in ones owned by women. According to the same report from JP Morgan Chase, women-owned businesses and male-owned businesses have the same survival rates despite the significant difference in initial funding.

  • Partner With Woman-Owned E-commerce Businesses

This can come in different forms. For example, if you own a business consider getting your supplies or items from woman-owned e-commerce businesses rather than just big box stores. Or if you know that you share similar audiences you can also combine products as part of a bigger promotional effort that’s mutually beneficial. You can also look to promote each other on other outlets such as social media or your blogs. The ways in which to partner with a woman-owned e-commerce business don’t stop there as you can get creative on how you approach the partnership.

  • Refer People to Women-owned E-commerce Sites

The best type of advertising is and forever will be through word of mouth. If you’ve shopped at a female-owned e-commerce site or have done business with them in any way be sure to spread the word and tell your friends, family, and peers about your experience. This is the best way to help increase business for those female entrepreneurs, propel them to success, and help inspire other women to start e-commerce businesses of their own.

At Shippo we serve woman-owned e-commerce businesses across all industries including the ones highlighted by providing an all-in-one shipping solution. Female merchants can generate discounted shipping labels, compare rates among 85+ carriers, and keep track of all their shipments all in one place.

Sign up for a free Shippo account or talk to one of our sales representatives to see how we can help grow your e-commerce business through shipping.

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