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Feb 2, 2022

BHM Customer Highlight: Black-owned E-commerce Stores to Shop at All Year Long

As the U.S. enters into Black History Month, citizens of every background take time to recognize the central role that Black Americans have had in the history of the country itself as well as celebrate the achievements that Black Americans have made along the way.

One way that every American can show their support for the black community as a whole, is to shop at Black-Owned businesses. This could be in person and online.

There are hundreds of Black-Owned e-commerce businesses to shop at, but we’d like to take the time to highlight some of our favorite Shippos that you can shop at during Black History Month and beyond.

Lyrically Correct: Music Trivia Game For Song Buffs Of All Ages

Lyrically Correct is more than just a music trivia card game. Lyrically Correct stands for all things #BlackBusiness and #BlackCulture.

Founded in March of 2020, the business was created by two couples who also happened to be high school sweethearts. They all had a shared goal of building community in a fun way through a common love and knowledge of music. Also, with the goal to turn up game nights to the next level.

The first edition of the game (a.k.a The O.G.) centers around 90’s and 2000’s hip hop and R&B. Since then the lineup of games has also grown to include a 90’s R&B Expansion Pack, a Gospel Edition, and also a 60’s and 70’s Oldies but Goldies edition.

One common theme among all the games is the focus on music created by black people but loved by everyone. The same could be said about Lyrically Correct. Each card game will not only test your knowledge of music but will also get your group singing and dancing depending on the card.

When it comes to shipping, Lyrically Correct gives their customers plenty of options. Customers who want to get their hands on the game as soon as possible can ship via UPS Next Day Air, but customers looking for a lower-cost but slightly longer shipping option can also choose USPS First Class.

You can also choose vibrant branded packaging to get the full Lyrically Correct experience.

The Supreme Bean Pie: Scrumptious Navy Bean Pies

The Supreme Bean Pie undoubtedly lives up to its name. These delicious pies are made from all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and are a great protein supplement. Aside from navy beans, the pies are made with vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, and just a touch of nutmeg.

The Supreme Bean Pie online store has been operating since 2021, but the original supreme bean pie has been around since the 1960s. It was taught to be a healthy dessert alternative in disenfranchised communities across the country by the Honorable Elijah Muhammed.

Today, just as the Supreme Bean Pie was used to educate people unknowing of a healthy diet, a portion of all proceeds are donated to help fund independent education.

Supreme Bean Pies are made in Chicago, IL but can be shipped anywhere in the country. They come in two different sizes (4 inches or 8 inches) and are shipped out on Mondays and/or Tuesdays every week.

Customers can choose standard delivery, expedited, or next-day delivery and can expect their Supreme Bean Pies to be as delicious as they look online.

Cotton Blocks: Fashion Meets History Collection

Few brands embody and empower the Black American experience quite like Cotton Blocks.

Having launched on Juneteenth in 2020 by Michelle S. Felder, Cotton Blocks is on a mission to educate the world with the truth about the Black American experience and about the people, places, and events that have impacted that experience throughout history.

The name of the brand alone is a history lesson. It was at auction blocks in the southern U.S. in which black slaves were bought and sold to pick cotton. But, the business educates and represents more than just that time in history. Cotton Blocks’ flagship offering includes handmade facemasks that are crafted with textiles carefully selected from Ghana. Along with purchasing a unique and beautiful mask, Cotton Blocks will actually donate a mask as well.

Other offerings include hoodies and T-shirts printed with the names of iconic figures in Black History, which are meant to spark conversation. A brief history lesson on each of these agents of change can be found on the website before checkout so that you’ll be well equipped to speak on the truth of these brave individuals.

Purchases made from Cotton Blocks can ship out to anywhere in the U.S. and orders over $60 qualify for free shipping.

How To Support Black-Owned Businesses Year-Round

Of course, supporting black-owned businesses shouldn’t be limited to a one-time purchase in the month of February. There are multiple ways to support these businesses which includes:

Shopping At Black-Owned Businesses All-Year

There are hundreds of black-owned e-commerce businesses to shop at that sell products ranging from clothing, skincare products, toys, games, food, and so much more. If you’re looking to buy something online, chances are there is a black-owned business selling that product.

For a larger list of black-owned e-commerce businesses click here.

Funding Black-Owned Businesses

Another action you can take is to fund black-owned businesses so that they are able to get their business off the ground. As any business owner can tell you, it takes capital to start.

While there are a number of funding resources for black-owned businesses, a personal donation could go a long way into seeing the success of that institution. Non-profit organizations such as We Cause donate 100% of their proceeds to black-owned businesses as a means to help bridge the racial gap.

Partnering with Black-Owned Businesses

Another way business owners can support black-owned businesses is to partner with them. This includes incorporating their business into a certain facet of yours, finding ways to increase their visibility, or finding mutually beneficial solutions that further their success.

At Shippo, we’re proud to serve all of our black-owned e-commerce businesses and support them for all their shipping needs. Black-owned online stores are able to get discount shipping labels for the nation’s top carriers as well as compare shipping rates from over 85 carriers all in one place.

Sign up for free today and begin generating shipping labels in minutes.

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