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Becoming an International Brand

By Shippo , Sat 03 Jun 2017

When it comes to growing your business and making your brand a global presence, selling worldwide is a must. Shippo can help you connect with a worldwide carrier network via a dashboard and an API to get rates, print labels, generate customs documents and track packages. However, going global touches every part of your business, from warehouse operations to customer support.

To prepare your ecommerce business to go global we invite you to watch this presentation by Lucy Marshall, from World First from the Shippo Summit. If you prefer, we’ve also transcribed her presentation below.

Why Should you Go Global?

Internet Retailer is calling for sales to triple in 2017, and ecommerce still makes up only 10% of the overall commerce market, so there's massive growth opportunity. They also say that there's $3.1 billion up for grabs in sales in Amazon's European marketplaces alone, and Amazon has ten marketplaces globally. Using Amazon as an example, their storefronts have customers in 185 countries, so there really is a global landscape for buyers that are buying outside of their home country.

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E-Commerce Tips & Tricks

5 Ways to Improve SEO for Your Online Store

By Shan Lian , Fri 02 Oct 2015

Shippo now supports Weebly's e-commerce customers with their shipping. With 200,000 stores, Weebly has learned a thing or two about e-commerce and creating a strong online presence. Read this post on 5 big ways to improve your store's SEO.

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E-Commerce Tips & Tricks

4 Tips for Setting Up a Shopify Store From a Shopify Seller

By Shan Lian , Wed 23 Sep 2015

Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform among Shippo business owners. Our Shopify customers always have lots of advice to share from what they've learned building and running their online stores. In this post, one of those merchants, Ruby Love Baby, shares her thoughts!

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