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Are Robots the Future of Last-Mile Delivery?

By Shippo , Fri 09 Jun 2017

Milkmen, newspaper boys, bicycle couriers, drones, robots - humans have been looking for a way to deliver goods to customer’s doors for centuries. As technology evolves, so do the available delivery options.  One of the most interesting new delivery technologies is not on the roads or in the air. It is semi-autonomous delivery robots on sidewalks, a quickly growing industry.

Hear about how these robots can solve real social and economic problems while making last mile delivery more efficient, cost effective and convenient for customers and businesses alike. We invite you to watch this presentation by Henry Harris-Burland from Starship Robots from the Shippo Summit. If you prefer, we’ve also transcribed his presentation below.

I'm here to talk about delivery robots. Not just our delivery robot, but actually the wider industry. What we saw over the last couple of years, what the problems are, and what to expect over the next couple of years and what this technology can bring to logistics, but more specifically last-mile logistics.

We are trying to solve the last-mile delivery problem, the last couple of miles between a hub or a store and a customer's house or place of business. It's notoriously inefficient at the moment. Up to 40% of the total cost of the transportation can be the last couple of miles. Which means if we're ordering something from China, the first 4,900 miles might account for 60% and then the last two or three miles account for the remaining 40% of the cost. It's super inefficient. Businesses are trying to make their last-mile-delivery logistics much more efficient and cost effective, but it's very difficult. Those are the problems that we're trying to solve.

Last Mile Delivery Challenges

As an example, vans stopping outside 100s houses every single day, that's traditional last mile. But one thing that's often regularly overlooked in last-mile delivery is personal shopping trips. That's you and me getting in our car. I'm guilty of this very regularly ... to go a mile and a half down the road to pick up two or three bags of groceries, and then move our one-and-a-half-ton car back to our house a mile and a half down the road. I do this all the time. It's a part of last-mile logistics. It's a part of delivery that actually hasn't really been monetized yet.

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E-Commerce Shipping

Evolution of Ecommerce Expectations

By Shippo , Thu 25 May 2017

Ecommerce retailers are finding themselves between a 'rock and a hard place' when competing in today's market. Fast paced growth driven by more online shoppers and online channels, growing customer expectations for fast and free shipping, plus increasing carrier rates, make it difficult to compete successfuly.

The question in front of all of us is: how can I profitably meet the customer expectations in a rapidly transforming ecommerce-driven world?

To learn how to make shipping your competitive advantage we invite you to watch this presentation by Mike Comstock from the Shippo Summit. If you prefer we’ve transcribed his presentation below.

Impact of Amazon

There is no question, everybody is aware that ecommerce is growing at an accelerated rate. Based on research by MIT in conjunction with Internet Retailer, it is estimated that in 2016 there were 50 million ecommerce websites in the world. There's no question that Amazon is the catalyst for change in the ecommerce world. If we looked at the traditional retailers and compare that to Amazon in terms of market value over the last decade, it is really a sobering view. You can see that traditional brick and mortar retailers have really undergone a terrific erosion in their market value. During the same time we see Amazon's market value increasing nearly 2,000%.

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E-Commerce Shipping

Using Shipping to Strengthen Your Business

By Mikhail Ledvich , Mon 08 May 2017

CircleUp Shippo Webinar

Last week, CircleUp and Shippo hosted a joint webinar on “Using Shipping to Strengthen Your Business”. This webinar focused on retailers and brands who ship directly to consumers. In the 30-minute presentation, we went over actionable steps on how to use shipping to differentiate your customer experience, cost savings for shipping and making sure your policies are in alignment with consumer expectations.

Some of the key topics that were covered include:

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