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The USPS Needs Your Support Amid COVID-19

Here's How You Can Help!

The USPS is an essential partner to most small businesses in the United States. Their shipping services, both domestic and international, are the most commonly used shipping methods by the majority of US-based small businesses. This is the case because in most cases, especially for small businesses, the USPS is the most accessible and cost-effective way to serve customers. They come to every address in the country for delivery and pickup daily at no cost, offer cost-effective, yet fast shipping, and a suite of additional services including tracking, insurance, and even free packaging.

With the drastic impacts of COVID-19, the volume of letter mail, that the USPS relies on to sustain its operations has dropped significantly, putting the USPS in a challenging position financially. If your business relies on the USPS and enjoys its service, we urge you to contact your congressional and show your support for funding the USPS in these challenging times.

To make things as easy as possible, we’ve put together an email and call script below that you can use and an easy link for you to find your representatives’ information.

“(Who you are and what your company does). The support we receive from the Postal Service is critical to my business and the livelihood of my employees. Please support immediate action for the emergency funding for the Postal Service. Continued mail and parcel delivery services are essential.”

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