USPS Shipping Price Tiers Overview

The United States Postal Service offers different pricing tiers for their customers. As an online store owner, you can save a lot of money on your shipments by knowing about these tiers and finding the right partner for your shipments. Feel free to contact us at to find out more about how to save money on your shipments online!

USPS Post Office Rates (“Retail” Rates)

The way most consumers ship their packages is to drop off the package at the closest USPS post office location. While this is convenient, USPS retail rates are very expensive. You can save up to 80% on retail rates as a small business online with Shippo!

USPS Commercial Base Pricing

The first discount level of USPS is the so-called Commercial Base Pricing (CBP). With USPS Commercial Base Pricing, rates are up to 35% cheaper than post office rates. Most online stores use commercial base pricing rates for their online shipments.

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing

USPS Commercial Plus Pricing is available for large-volume shippers. In many cases, you need to ship at least 30,000 packages a year to qualify for Commercial Plus Pricing. There are significant savings compared to Commercial Base Pricing with Commercial Plus.

Other Special Tiers

The USPS offers many other special pricing arrangements for large volume customers. At Shippo, we make the best pricing tiers available for any small or medium sized business. Contact us at to find out about the best USPS shipping rates for your online store!

USPS Shipping Price Tiers Comparison

Not convinced yet? Here’s a sample calculation on how much money you can save:

Shipment Post office rate Commercial Base Pricing Commercial Plus Pricing Saving %
Priority Mail 2 lb, Zone 5 $9.00 $7.55 $7.17 20%
Priority Mail International 2 lb, Zone 5 $45.60 $39.67 $36.02 21%
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