USPS First Class: Save Money Shipping Packages Weighing 13-15.9 oz

Are most of your products smaller and lighter than a shoebox? Are you shipping candles, paper artwork, phone cases, vape materials, or bathing suits? Then USPS First Class is almost certainly the best shipping option for you as it’s the cheapest option for sending lightweight packages via the USPS. Shipping via the USPS directly, you can only choose First Class for packages up to 13 oz, but with Shippo, ship FC for packages up to 15.9 oz.

With Shippo, prices for First Class packages in that funny gray area between 13 and 15.9 oz are cheaper than with the USPS. Save up to $3 on each of those packages by choosing Shippo’s First Class mail prices instead of Priority Mail:


First Class (all zones)

Weight (ounces)

Shippo Rates









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