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Shipping providers offer shipping discounts to shippers with a high shipping volume. Shipping discounts are volume-based, meaning that small businesses who only ship a small quantity of packages will not qualify for shipping discounts while larger businesses shipping thousands of packages a day will be able to benefit from volume-dependent shipping discounts provided by the shipping providers.

Therefore, many small businesses that are just getting started can’t access shipping discounts and will need to pay full shipping prices. Having to pay higher shipping prices puts smaller businesses at a disadvantage compared to larger businesses that have access to shipping discounts. Shipping discounts allow e-commerce businesses to offer their customers lowered shipping rates at check-out or even offer free shipping, which has always been the lure of Amazon. Amazon, given their immense shipping volume, of course has access to the best shipping rates available. Small and mid-sized businesses suffer from not being able to offer the same shipping discounts, which makes them unable to compete with larger e-commerce stores when it comes to shipping costs.

Part of the Shippo service is to offer shipping discounts to all of Shippo’s users independent of their shipping volume and provide all customers instant access to the best shipping rates. Shippo has partnered with select shipping providers to offer significant shipping discounts to all Shippo users. With Shippo, you can access shipping discounts with USPS and DHL Express without having to sign up for your own shipping account or to negotiate with the shipping providers.

Shippo doesn’t just connect to the shipping services of USPS and DHL Express, we also connect with FedEx, UPS, and major shipping providers in Canada, Germany, France and UK, such as Canada Post, DHL Germany, GLS, Mondial Relay, and ParcelForce. With these services you will need your own carrier account and access your own shipping rates, which you can then use in addition to the shipping discounts that Shippo provides. Our dedicated team is always trying to give our Shippo users access to higher discounts from more shipping providers. We are continuing to build more partnerships, so stay tuned to see which other shipping providers will offer discounted shipping rates to Shippo users soon.

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