Shipping API Automation

Shipping is a convoluted industry that requires an understanding of pricing, logistics, package sizing, and the rules set by each shipping carrier. We at Shippo understand that, for e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and platforms looking to focus on the e-commerce experience and their customers, worrying about the dynamics of shipping is not a priority.

That’s where Shippo’s multi-carrier shipping API comes in – to automate shipping and provide a strong backbone of technology for e-commerce. Companies shipping across multiple carriers – USPS, FedEx, DHL Express, UPS, and more – historically have spent countless hours integrating individual shipping carrier APIs one by one. Staying up to date with each piece of technology and each set of prices and shipment rules is not simple.

Shippo provides a single entry point to multiple carriers through one API, enabling access to domestic and international shipping, priority and express shipping, ground and air shipping – all of it! Shippo also has a multi-carrier account feature, meaning merchants can manage and access shipping service levels and rates for multiple accounts with a single given carrier, which is particularly appealing for marketplaces managing merchants with thousands of different accounts. The user interface layer on top of our API thus becomes entirely customizable to fit a user’s needs. Our API powers the store or marketplace checkout process, running invisibly in the background.

Integration takes 4 to 6 hours. That’s it. And no more weeding through complicated documentation and lacking API wrappers. No more managing communication with each carrier. Shippo takes care of that for you.

All the same functionality is available through the API as our shipping web interface. Automate the batch-creation of shipping labels, compare rates across carriers, track packages, send notification emails, add insurance, address verification, and the list goes on. No more active “polling” of carriers every X hours to get tracking updates. The Shippo API is built such that it actively sends customers an update via API once the tracking status changes. Shippo offers open source client libraries in Python, Ruby, Node.JS, Java, PHP, and C#. And shipping discounts with USPS Priority Mail and international carriers are up to 80% off retail rates for all customers.

Unlike the APIs of individual carriers, Shippo’s modern-day shipping API is complemented by a comprehensive walk-through and developer-friendly documentation for users to get started immediately.

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