Net Weight

What is Net Weight?

Net weight is the remainder weight of the product after subtracting the tare weight. Tare weight, or other known as unladen weight, is the weight of an empty container.

What is Net Weight In Shipping?

Net weight in shipping means the total weight of the goods after they’ve been unloaded from their mode of transportation whether it be from truck, airplane, ship, or train, and unpacked.

Net Weight vs. Gross Weight

Net weight is a more accurate measure of declaring a shipment’s weight as gross weight includes packing materials, containers, and pallets that might not be used in the next shipment.

Net Weight vs. Tare Weight

Net weight is the total weight of the goods themselves without containers or packing materials, whereas, tare weight is only the weight of the empty container that the goods were transported in.

How Do I Calculate Net Weight?

To calculate the net weight of a shipment, you must subtract the tare weight from the gross weight. In other words, you’ll be subtracting the packing materials from the total weight of goods.

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