Logistics for Online Retailers

Are you a small online retailer running an e-commerce venture? Are you too busy figuring out all the secret of logistics? Don’t worry, we can help you.

Shippo is an online comparison tool for express delivery that takes care of all logistics matters for online retailers. With Shippo you don’t have to be a logistics expert to find the best logistics delivery provider. With Shippo you can always be sure that your customers will receive their purchase on time. At the same time you can be sure that you chose the cheapest delivery service for the package that you sent. With Shippo you can make your customers happy and save at the same time. Logistics for your online retail company can be simple, fast and cheap.

All you have to do is fill out a simple form about the package that you want to be delivered to your customer. We will automatically compare all the different delivery providers for you and show you the options either sorted by delivery time of cost. You can then choose the option that suits you best and buy it directly on Shippo. Is it an international order? Don’t worry! Shippo also does international logistics for online retailers. We have all the necessary customs documents and simplified them for your convenience. With Shippo delivering to international customers is a easy as it gets.

You can also use Shippo to source retail products from all around the world at a low cost and in the fastest delivery time possible. Shippo makes it easy to deliver to national and international customers and to source from national and international wholesales.

Shippo is the best logistics tool for online retailers.

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