Logistics for Offline Retailers

Do you run a cool boutique or a small retail store? Do you have trouble figuring out all the difficulties and secrets of sourcing and logistics? We can help you get your wholesale items delivered to you the fastest and cheapest way possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sourcing your products directly from the U.S. or internationally, finding the best logistics provider to get the products from the wholeseller to your store can be very difficult, time consuming and expensive. Logistics is often not the first priority of offline retailers. You have a lot of other issues on your mind and logistics is not a fun task to handle. With Shippo logistics and even international logistics becomes easy, fast and cheap.

Shippo is a logistics tool for offline retailers to compare prices and delivery time of all logistics providers. After filling out a simple form you instantly get a quote for the package that you want to source. Then Shippo tells you automatically the price and delivery time of all logistics providers applicable. You only have to choose the logistics provider that suits your shop best. Never pay too much for shipping your products anymore. Never wait for your products to arrive again. With Shippo price and time is very transparent.

For those sourcing and shipping internationally Shippo helps you find the right customs documents and also helps you fill it out correctly. You order will never get stuck at customs anymore!

Shippo is the best logistics tool for offline retailers.

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