Comparing Shipping Solutions

The shipping industry is a fragmented market with different shipping providers operating on national and international level. Comparing different shipping providers can be a difficult and complex task due to the abundance of different service levels and the lack of a common standard among all shipping providers. Comparing shipping providers manually is tedious and time consuming and at times even a full time job. Merchants who want to focus on building their business and improving & selling their products struggle with the complexity of comparing different shipping providers and choosing the right shipping providers for their business.

Shippo automates the comparison of shipping services. Shippo is a shipping API and a shipping web interface that connects to a variety of different shipping providers through one platform. The Shippo shipping platform connects to shipping providers across North America, Europe, and Australia. Shippo helps merchants by comparing shipping providers for every shipment and always finding the best shipping provider for each package you are sending out. We compare shipping providers based on your and your customers preferences. Shippo can compare for delivery cost and also delivery time. Comparing shipping providers through Shippo is easy and fast without you having to do any of the manual comparison work. You can then buy shipping labels for all shipping providers that we support directly through our shipping API.

Shippo’s pricing is simple. We provide discounted shipping rates and charge $0.05 per shipping label purchased through our service. This fee is waived when you’re using Shippo’s carrier accounts with USPS, UPS, DHL, and others. Moreover, there is no monthly fee.

Comparing shipping providers is easy and headache-free through our Shippo shipping API. Start comparing shipping providers today through the shipping API or our shipping web interface.

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