Expand Your Customer Base

Reach untapped audiences—like international markets, additional marketplaces, and more store domains—without breaking a sweat.

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Enter global markets

Leverage Shippo's international network of carriers to effortlessly reach new audiences.

Ship how you want

Shippo's comprehensive carrier and partner network bring your shipping goals to life.

Offer niche delivery options

Keep step with delivery trends of retail giants with access to a complete list of shipping offerings.

Pre-fill delivery documentation

Shippo identifies and pre-fills any delivery documentation required by carriers or customs.

Sell on more marketplaces

Add your wares to more marketplaces and sync all order and shipping information.

Manage orders from multiple stores

Unify your fulfillment process for multiple brands, projects, and e-commerce domains.

Print Labels in Batch. Faster.

Our batch label workflow is now faster and more reliable than ever, so you can easily print multiple labels at once to save time and money.

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Make individual edits

Make in-line edits to individual orders without leaving the workflow.

Send email notifications

Send email notifications to all orders in a batch.

Validate U.S. addresses

Automatically validate U.S. addresses to prevent manual errors.

Pre-fill insurance amount

Use the Imported Order Value to pre-fill the insurance amount.

Pre-fill package weight

Pre-fill the package weight with an order's imported weight, if at least one order includes that value. 

Leverage Shipping Analytics and Reporting

At-a-glance shipping analytics and reporting will serve as an in-house shipping specialist. Answer basic questions about your shipping process by accessing your data.

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Shipping spend

See how much you've spent on shipping over the lifetime of your Shippo account or within a specified period.

Avg price per package

Understand the average price per package to identify ways to improve your shipping costs.

Number of labels

Compare the number of labels purchased daily, weekly, or monthly within a given time period.

Shipping history

Access your shipping history to better understand the trends of your fulfillment processes.

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Kickstart your shipping without a monthly subscription. Pay a per label fee + the cost of postage.

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