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Apr 13, 2023

UPS Next Day Air Saver®: Quick Guide For E-commerce Merchants

Thanks to Amazon’s influence, today’s customers want their orders – and they want them now. In many cases, this means next day delivery, even if overnight shipping puts a burden on the e-commerce sellers who are increasingly expected to offer free delivery.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for overnight shipping, UPS Next Day Air® Saver service is one to consider.

What is UPS Next Day Air Saver®?

UPS Next Day Air Saver® service is UPS’ most affordable overnight domestic shipping option, offering next business day afternoon guaranteed delivery by 3:00-4:30pm to most commercial locations and by the end of the day for most residential locations.

UPS Next Day Air Saver® delivery will get packages to their destination by the end of the next business day, but at a lower cost than other UPS premium products such as UPS Next Day Air Early® or UPS Next Day Air®  services.

This makes UPS Next Day Air Saver® service ideal for e-commerce businesses that need shipments to arrive overnight, but that don’t need them to arrive by morning or early afternoon. It’s a nice middle ground between expedited delivery and affordability, which is understandably appealing to many business owners.

In terms of destinations, you can ship via UPS Next Day Air Saver® service to the 48 contiguous US states, along with certain areas in Alaska and Hawaii. Note, however, that the service doesn’t offer deliveries on Saturday; service is strictly Monday through Friday.

How Fast is UPS Next Day Air Saver®?

As mentioned above, this UPS® shipping solution ensures packages arrive by the end of the next business day. Specific delivery times will vary depending on whether you’re shipping to a residential or commercial address, and based on local routing considerations.

By comparison:

  • UPS Next Day Air® shipments typically arrive by 10:30am-12:00pm (noon) the next day
  • UPS Next Day Air Early® shipments typically arrive the next day by 8:00 am to major US cities and by 9:30 am to other US cities

While there are faster options, UPS Next Day Air Saver® delivery time may fit your shipping needs.

What are the Size and Weight Limits for Packages?

Packages shipped by UPS Next Day Air Saver® service can weigh up to 150 pounds. They can be up to 108 inches in length and can have a combined length and girth of up to 165 inches.

Note that this is more than double the maximum weight of what USPS will deliver, at just 70 pounds. If you need to overnight heavy packages weighing more than 70 pounds to a domestic location, USPS isn’t a viable option.

How Reliable is UPS Next Day Air Saver®?

In a single word? Very.

UPS is one of the most reputable carriers in the US. Most customers are extremely happy with UPS Next Day Saver®  service, and delivery is guaranteed by the afternoon of the next business day, or you can request your money back.

According to independent 3rd party research, UPS on-time performance is higher than the competition. On-time reliability means less time spent by Customer Service tracking shipments, resolving delays and apologizing to customers. And higher on-time performance means higher customer satisfaction.

How Can You Save Money with UPS Next Day Air Saver®?

UPS Next Day Air Saver® is a great solution if you need overnight delivery, but still want to save. And while the service is already a great deal, you can save even more with Shippo – including discounts of up to 73% off when you sign up for Shippo and use Shippo’s already discounted UPS rates.

Shippo provides e-commerce business owners with deep savings like these because they’ve invested in building strong relationships with over 50 different carriers across the globe, including UPS.

In addition, Shippo offers several further benefits, including the ability to quickly and conveniently create professional shipping documents and labels. Use Shippo to pre-fill most required information using a customer’s existing shipping info and validate addresses to ensure your shipments reach their correct destination.

Shippo also lets you create automated shipping updates and provide your customers with tracking information and delivery updates from UPS so that they’re always up-to-date on the status of their package.

Learn more how you can ship smarter with Shippo and enjoy big savings with UPS Next Day Air Saver® service.

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