Feb 6, 2024

Shippo Launches Addresses API to Improve Parcel Delivery for E-commerce Merchants

Businesses of all sizes can save on label and labor costs with a suite of address tools, like address validation 

Shippo analysis finds unvalidated addresses are 15x more likely to lead to an undeliverable package and validated addresses reduce address-related delivery issues by 48%

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6, 2024 – Shippo, the leading shipping platform for modern e-commerce, announced today the launch of its Addresses API, a new solution that will enable Shippo users to seamlessly validate, parse, and store customers’ shipping addresses. With this offering, businesses of every size can avoid costly deliverability issues and provide their customers with an exceptional shopping experience, from checkout to front door delivery.

“Consumer expectations and preferences are changing faster than ever before. However, one thing remains constant: Shoppers want to order an item and have it delivered on time, at the right place. They don’t want to spend time tracking down a lost package or waiting weeks for their item to arrive at the right address”, said Laura Behrens Wu, founder and CEO at Shippo. “At Shippo, we’re dedicated to helping businesses tackle the more complicated elements of shipping – and that includes a smooth delivery process. With the launch of our Addresses API, businesses can improve their parcel delivery with an easy-to-use solution. We’re excited to bring the Addresses API to our customers and continue to establish Shippo as the go-to shipping solution.”

Using Shippo’s Addresses API, businesses can eliminate costly shipping mistakes, increase operational efficiency, and improve the customer experience, ultimately enabling them to better protect their top and bottom line. In a recent analysis, Shippo found that addresses not validated were 15x more likely to lead to an undeliverable package than those that were validated, and that validated addresses reduced address-related delivery issues by 48%.

Shippo’s Addresses API accurately validates, quickly parses, and efficiently stores customer addresses through three primary features:

  • Address Validation: Quickly validate, standardize, and format addresses for domestic and international shipments by leveraging Shippo’s aggregated database. Easily identify suggested address changes, determine whether to accept or reject them with Shippo’s Confidence Score, and instantly correct invalid addresses. Address validation also enables businesses to validate addresses upstream during customer checkout.
  • Address Parsing: Quickly convert a single string of text into up to 10 fields, including street, city, and phone number. Expedite the address entry process for customers during checkout.
  • Address Book: Store customer addresses to save time and minimize errors during label creation. 

The Addresses API is designed so that anyone in the organization can benefit from its use, independently of who they use as their core label generation solution. The solution comes with easy-to-understand documentation that makes implementation a seamless process, and its error messages are straightforward so that issues can be identified and resolved quickly. The Addresses API is GDPR and CCPA compliant, and can be built into a company’s own applications.

For additional information on the Addresses API, please visit https://shippo.com/products/api/addresses.

About Shippo

Founded in 2013, Shippo is the leading shipping platform for modern e-commerce. More than 100,000 businesses, including top e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, warehouses, and brands, trust Shippo to navigate the complexities of shipping and fuel growth. With Shippo’s platform, businesses of all sizes can access 40+ global carriers, get real-time shipping rates, print labels, automate international paperwork, track packages, facilitate returns, and more. To learn more, visit goshippo.com. 

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