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Jan 27, 2022

Provide Better Customer Experience Shipping Returns With Shippo

Shout out to all the e-commerce businesses out there handling the pressures and punches of the returns season! Even with the holiday rush out of the way, it’s key to handle shipping returns in a manner that’s transparent and efficient in order to keep customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Like e-commerce, the returns process can feel complicated, which is why Shippo is here to ease the stress so you can focus on other aspects of your business. With Shippo, returns can be easily integrated into your workflow:

Print Return Labels For The Customer

It’s incredibly simple to generate a return label from the Orders page after an order has been fulfilled, or from the Shipments page after a package has been delivered. You can even set up a return label to be automatically created for any outbound label purchased.

After that, just print and include them in their packages to make returns easier for your customers and your business.

Only Pay When Customer Initiates The Return

You won’t be charged for any return labels printed. You’re only charged once the return label has been scanned and shipped back to the return address.

Not only does this help to lessen the cost of the returns, but it also helps to give customers a sense of assurance in doing business with you even if they don’t send back the item.

Shipping Returns Through A Different Service

Creating a return label separate from the original shipping label allows you to select a different carrier and service level from the original outbound shipment.

For example, let’s say a customer buys an item using overnight shipping. Instead of processing the return using the same method (which can be pricey), you can save money by processing the return through a traditional ground shipping service.

Make Future Returns Smoother

Streamline your returns process and save time by setting the default return carrier and service. These designated defaults will be applied to any return label you create.

This added touch of automation can help in ensuring that your returns are processed correctly, aren’t subject to human error, and that you’re getting the best rate for returns.

Sign up for your free Shippo account today, and let us help you process your returns and delight your customers.

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