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May 18, 2022

Best 11 Shopify Shipping Apps From the Shopify App Store

You can’t go wrong when choosing Shopify as your e-commerce selling platform. The scalability, ease of management, and 24/7 support are just a few reasons why Shopify has over 4 million active daily users. But to get the most out of the platform, you’ll want to take advantage of Shopify shipping apps found in the Shopify App Store.

There are over 3,200 apps within the Shopify App store, which can be quite overwhelming when deciding which ones would most benefit your e-commerce business. To help out with this, we’re going to look at the best 11 Shopify apps as they relate to shipping and fulfillment. Why just these areas? Consider these data points.

  • 77% of online shoppers have said they have abandoned their cart due to unsatisfactory shipping options1
  • Across multiple industries, the average spend on shipping is 12% of the Average Order Value (AOV)2
  • 69% of consumers claim that they are less likely to shop with a retailer again if their order didn’t arrive within two days of when it was previously promised to arrive.3

With this in mind, it’s clear to see that shipping and fulfillment is a cost of business that you can’t ignore and that for your Shopify store to garner sales and repeat customers, you’ll have to develop a good shipping strategy. With the right Shopify shipping apps, that part of the business can become a lot easier.

What To Consider When Choosing A Shopify Shipping App From the Shopify App Store

When looking through the Shopify Apps in the Shopify App Store we looked carefully at several factors. Namely, the total number of features, the full impact the app could have on your e-commerce business, and the price.

However, it’s worth noting that these apps are not listed in numerical order because each of them provides different benefits to your e-commerce business at different points of operations. It’s also worth noting that it’s entirely possible and even encouraged to have multiple Shopify apps as part of your Shopify store. Each of them will benefit your business in different ways.

Best Shopify App For Shipping Labels

Shippo – Save Time and Money When Creating Shipping Labels

When starting an e-commerce business, there is plenty to do and plenty to invest in. After launching your site, you’ll realize quickly that standing in line at the post office or carrier store and paying retail rates can eat away your profit margins and inhibit you from working on other aspects of your business.

You’re not alone in this problem. According to our 2021 State of Shipping Report, 58% of business owners said the cost of shipping was their number one challenge. That’s coupled with the fact that 33% of consumers will only buy if free shipping is available and 20% of consumers will swap stores for free shipping.

That’s where Shippo can help. You can compare shipping labels among 85+ carriers and choose the option that best fits your business and your customer. On top of that, you’ll get access to discounted shipping rates from some of the nation’s top carriers like USPS and UPS.

Key Features of Shippo

  • Compare Shipping Rates And Times: Get a side-by-side comparison of shipping rates and times from over 85 carriers so you choose the best option every time and print labels from wherever you are.
  • Discounted shipping rates: By signing up to Shippo you’ll automatically get discounts of up to 89% for certain USPS shipments and up to 86% for certain UPS shipments as well as other discounts.
  • Rates at Checkout: Show your customers a live update of their shipping costs based on what’s in their shipping cart so you never overcharge or undercharge them.
  • Shipping Insurance – Get shipping insurance on any order with a few simple clicks at the time you purchase your shipping label. Best of all get up to 50% off carrier prices.
  • Branded Tracking Pages – Keep your customers informed on the whereabouts of their order while also increasing brand awareness and re-engaging with the customer.


There are three main pricing options available for Shippo users.

Starter – Free. Simply pay as you go with no per label fee with Shippo’s default carriers and pay 5 cents per label with your own connected carrier accounts.

Professional – $10/month but comes with a 30-day free trial. Enhanced features with this plan include having up to 5 user accounts, automation capability, and branded customer experiences.

Premier – Must contact Shippo. The premier plan comes with everything included in the professional plan plus technical implementation assistance, up to 15 user accounts, and dedicated customer support.

Add Shippo to your e-commerce business through the Shopify App store to get the best rates with the most carriers and see why brands like hims, Tuft & Needle, and Curology trust Shippo.

Best Shopify App For Handling Returns

Loop – Returns Management Made Easy, Turn Refunds Into Exchanges

While every e-commerce seller would love it if every purchase that was made on their site was final, the reality is that managing returns is a core part of e-commerce. As highlighted in the 2022 E-commerce Returns Report, almost three-fourths of consumers have returned between 2 and 9 items in the past six months.

However, handling returns well can actually result in increased sales and customer loyalty. Customers who exchange returns have a 34% higher repeat purchase rate than those who never returned an item.

This is where Loop can help. Loop is a returns software solution that allows your customers to process returns more easily while automating the process for your business.

Key Features of Loop

  • Branded Returns Portal: Customers can simply input their order number and zip code to start processing a return. With your branding implemented on the portal, customers won’t even know they left your site.
  • Offer Bonus Credit For Exchanges: Retain revenue by allowing customers to make exchanges for any product they want as well as offering them incentives to make exchanges instead of returns.
  • Automate Return Label Process: According to customers surveyed, most people reported that having to contact customer support to return an item was their least preferred return method. With Loop, you can automate the process needed for them to initiate and print a return label from home.
  • Keep and Use Returns Data: Find out why your customers are making returns to help with product descriptions, manufacturing, shipping, and other areas of your business.
  • Mage Returns within Shopify: having to jump between your business tools can be overwhelming. With Loop’s app, you don’t have to leave Shopify to see your returns.


Pricing for Loop comes in three different categories. There is the Starter Plan, the Essential Plan, and the Advanced Plan. Final pricing is dependent on return volume.

Starter Plan – $59 a month. Comes standard with features such as handling store credit, gift returns, refund fees, and a manual return approval.

Essential Plan – $200 a month. Comes with upgraded features such as automatic return approval, dynamic fees, and cross-border shipping.

Advanced – $415 a month. Comes with ultimate features such as bonus credit, Stripe integration, custom rules, and unlimited return policies.

Add Loop to your Shopify store now and see why brands such as Allbirds, Chubbies, and Puravida trust Loop when it comes to managing online returns.

Best Shopify Apps For Fulfillment

Ryder Ecommerce By Whiplash – Enhanced Speed And Flexibility For Fulfilling Your Orders

As your e-commerce business grows,  finding the time and resources to pack and ship orders independently becomes a serious challenge. Rising order volumes are a good problem to have, but failing to keep pace with customer expectations for speedy and seamless delivery will result in negative impressions of your brand. That’s where Ryder Ecommerce By Whiplash comes in.

Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash is your gateway to streamlined nationwide omnichannel fulfillment. No matter whether you need help with e-commerce fulfillment, retail fulfillment, or wholesale fulfillment, Ryder Ecommerce has the resources and expertise you need to achieve speed, flexibility, and cost savings in your fulfillment strategy. With 24 state-of-the-art facilities located across the country totaling 10 million square feet of space, there is room and personnel to help store, pack, and ship your customers’ orders with ease.

Key Features of Whiplash

  • Real-time Inventory Management – Action-based two-way integrations with all major e-commerce platforms ensure that your available inventory is always up to date, with levels adjusted in real-time whenever an item is purchased or returned.
  • Customer Success – Fulfillment is more than just getting goods from A to B. Our experienced Customer Success team pairs insider knowledge with advanced insights so that brands can deliver the very best customer experience in an increasingly competitive online environment.
  • Robotics and Fulfillment Automation – Unexpected peaks create unprecedented demand for rapid fulfillment. The flexibility provided by automation and robotics allows us to deploy our workforce for more advanced logistical tasks during peak times.
  • Final Mile Delivery – Whiplash works with parcel carriers, domestic truckload, LTL, and even international forwarders to make sure no matter the size or location of your delivery, those shipments are leaving at capacity with efficiency.
  • Value-Added Services – Get help with gift wrapping, personalized notes, specialized packaging, re-ticketing, labeling, and more to create memorable brand experiences for your customers.


The Whiplash App from the Shopify App store is free to install. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to fulfillment pricing, Ryder Ecommerce creates a scalable, custom plan that’s tailored to your business’s unique needs, no matter whether you’re a startup, an emerging, or an established brand. For a quote, contact Ryder Ecommerce directly.

Add the app today to see why brands like Goop, H&M, and Perry Ellis trust Whiplash for their fulfillment needs.

ShipBob – User-Friendly and Effective E-commerce Fulfillment Solutions

Direct-to-consumer brands know how important shipping speed is to their customers. In fact, 87% of online shoppers reported that shipping speed would be a key factor when deciding whether to shop at an online store again. But, handling fulfillment in-house is not always the fastest option for meeting your customers’ demands.

Enter ShipBob. As an award-winning omnichannel 3PL provider, ShipBob has an accuracy and on-time rate of 99.95%+ when it comes to fulfilling orders. ShipBob has a global fulfillment network that empowers your e-commerce business to get orders out quickly while also upholding the quality of your brand and providing additional value-added services.

Key Features of ShipBob

  • 100% 2-day shipping coverage: ShipBob can help you offer 2-day shipping to 100% of your customers in the continental U.S. — even from just one fulfillment center — and display fast 2-day shipping badges and estimated delivery dates on Shopify store product pages and major online marketplaces like Walmart.
  • Omnichannel fulfillment: Use just one platform to manage inventory levels and ship orders from multiple selling channels, including DTC e-commerce channels and B2B EDI-compliant orders (supporting both brick-and-mortar and online retailers).
  • Global fulfillment: With fulfillment centers located in the US, UK, EU, Australia, and Canada, you can leverage ShipBob’s growing network to expand your customer base while reducing transit times, shipping costs, and duties and still meeting their specific needs.
  • Customization: A strong unboxing experience can help bring your brand to life, leave a lasting impression, and give your customers something to come back for. ShipBob lets you use your own custom branded boxes or mailers, add marketing inserts, have customer gift notes printed at pack, add your brand’s name to shipping labels, and request kitting projects.
  • Merchant Plus (WMS): Use ShipBob’s proprietary warehouse management system in your own in-house warehouse operations, or leverage a hybrid fulfillment model to utilize ShipBob’s fulfillment center(s) in other countries.


The ShipBob Shopify App is free to install. Billing is applied for shipping orders, storage, receiving inventory, custom projects, etc. To get a fast estimate of what fulfillment with ShipBob will be or to request a quote click here. Add the ShipBob app now to see why over 7,000 DTC brands trust ShipBob with their fulfillment needs.

Cahoot – 5-Star E-commerce Fulfillment at an Affordable Price By Design

Frustrated by the limitations of traditional 3PLs or the one-size-fits-all of the larger networks? Cahoot approaches each customer with a personal touch, and its custom fulfillment solution will unlock your next stage of profitable growth.

Cahoot’s innovative peer-to-peer network enables highly vetted merchants with excellent fulfillment operations to fulfill your orders for a lower cost than other 3PLs. The savings Cahoot realizes from having less overhead go directly to its users. And despite the lower cost, Cahoot maintains the highest SLA in the industry and provides dedicated US-based support to each customer.

Key Features of Cahoot

  • Low cost 1-day and 2-day delivery: Win more customers with fast shipping. Pay less than what you’re paying now.
  • Dedicated US-based service: our service team will learn your business inside & out and partner with you to solve issues.
  • True Omnichannel: Pre-built integrations with all major platforms and marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart as well as shopping carts like Shopify and BigCommerce. Flexibility to support B2B and wholesale fulfillment.
  • Real-time Visibility: Cahoot’s easy-to-use dashboard gives users a real-time view of their inventory, products, orders and their fulfillment and shipping status.
  • Protected Consumer Data: Orders sent to partnered fulfillment centers only include the bare minimum information needed to accurately fulfill those orders, enabling you to exceed the consumer privacy standards expected today.


The Cahoot Shopify App is free to install and fees will be based on fulfillment volume. Contact Cahoot to get an accurate quote and see how others have been able to scale up their fulfillment operations while also cutting costs.

ShipHero – Grow Your E-commerce Business With No Hidden Fees

Working with a 3PL Provider can come with a lot of nuances. Often, you have to ship your product to multiple fulfillment centers yourself, pay receiving fees, pay zoning fees, integrate their technology into your platform yourself, etc. All of it can feel a bit overwhelming but ShipHero is here to save you from any possible confusion or frustration in working with a 3PL.

ShipHero simplifies the process by allowing you to ship your products to just one singular warehouse. With 7 warehouses located throughout the U.S., shipping to one of them shouldn’t be a hassle. From there, ShipHero will strategically place your products across the country using their fulfillment network so you don’t have to worry about where to send your products next.

You’ll get access to their easy-to-use software that gives you total visibility of your fulfillment operations.

Key Features of ShipHero

  • Easy setup: With ShipHero setup, onboarding, the software, and receiving are all FREE.
  • Simple Pricing: No shipping zones. Only pay for pick, pack, box, and postage.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: ShipHero has 3x more customer support on staff than their sales department. They are dedicated to resolving any issues during or after the setup process.
  • Same-day Shipping – ShipHero is able to receive, pack, and ship orders the same day an order is placed and products are sent from the fulfillment center closest to the customer to maximize shipping speed and customer satisfaction.
  • Realtime Visibility – From their free software, you’ll be able to monitor all your orders and even see how the order was packed with in-package snapshots.


ShipHero is free to install from the Shopify App Store. Shipped orders and storage for your products are charged a single rate. Shipping Rates are classified under standard shipping, 2-day shipping, Overnight, and Zone 9 and will depend on the weight and size of your packages. Storage starts at $0.65 per cubic foot. Check out ShipHero’s pricing page for a more accurate estimate or to get a quote from one of their fulfillment experts.

See why over 140 e-commerce merchants have given them a 5-star rating on the Shopify App store today.

Best Inventory Management Apps From The Shopify App Store

Veeqo – Inventory and Shipping tools for the modern e-commerce merchant

Keeping up with inventory might be simple for e-commerce sellers who are just getting started. But as your business grows, your products leave your home garage to warehouses and fulfillment centers across the country. You go from selling just on your website to dozens of sales channels and online marketplaces. With that in mind, it’s easy to lose track of inventory and it’s no surprise that 33% of businesses are missing shipping deadlines due to selling a product that wasn’t actually stocked.

Veeqo aims to keep you on track and on top of your inventory through 30+ e-commerce and shipping integrations. Connect all your sales channels, shipping carriers, 3PLs, accounting providers, warehouses, and even help desk software all into one platform and sync inventory in real-time.

Along with industry-leading inventory management capabilities, Veeqo also offers built-in returns management, fulfillment reporting, and an e-commerce shipping software. Veeqo positions itself as a one-stop-shop for almost all your e-commerce business needs.

Key Features of Veeqo

  • Dynamic Inventory Forecasting: Be proactive and stay ahead of any shipping challenges that may come from possible shortages or surpluses.
  • Veeqo Scanner: Book-in stock, carry out stock, and speed up the order picking process faster and more efficiently at your warehouses with the Veeqo scanner.
  • Built-in Shipping Software: Print shipping labels in bulk and ship out and track your orders all in one place.
  • Fulfillment reporting: Get location-based reports to avoid bottlenecks, order picking reports to measure picking performance, sales reports to find out best-selling products, and complete audit trails for historical data to help make better future decisions.
  • Product management: you can virtually bundle products as part of marketing promotion, manage product variants from a single dashboard, and get visibility to your entire product catalog.


Veeqo comes with a 30-day free trial and three different subscription plans. Different pricing is available for merchants in the UK, but for U.S. customers, your options are as follows.

Accelerator – $10/month. 50 orders are included, 2 users have access to the account, and integrations with 20+ sales channels and 20+ shipping carriers are included.

High Growth – $25/month. Everything from the Accelerator plan comes included along with forecasting & purchasing, returns, and user permissions.

Premium – $45/month. Everything from the High Growth plan as well as inventory transfers and digital picking & batch picking.

Veeqo is a Shopify Plus certified app and has been named the G2 High Performer winner for 2022. See why brands like Dove and Brewdog trust Veeqo as their all-in-one inventory, fulfillment, and shipping tool.

Fishbowl – Manage Your Online Store’s Inventory From Anywhere

Running an e-commerce business means you’re never really off the clock. Orders come in long after you’ve left your office or place of operation and the need to manage your inventory will follow. But, that’s where Fishbowl shines. By hosting your inventory data on the cloud, you’re able to access the inventory data you need from any device.

On top of that, you can now download the Fishbowl Online Mobile app to your smartphone to handle inventory management right from the palm of your hand. FishBowl also has features beyond inventory management. You can take control of your manufacturing processes, labor & job tracking, shipping, business intelligence so much more with Fishbowl. There is almost no point in your entire supply chain that Fishbowl doesn’t touch. For a complete list of their features, click here. Some of their top features are as follows.

Key Features of FishBowl

  • Total accessibility: With Fishbowl Anywhere, you can sign in to your Fishbowl account from any device with an internet connection.
  • Warehouse Automation: Set up reorder points so that your products automatically get ordered again and avoid stockouts.
  • Complete POS Hardware solutions: For e-commerce merchants that also have a retail front, Fishbowl provides tools such as barcode scanners, touch screen monitors, cash drawers, and thermal receipt printers that all work to keep your business organized.
  • Wide integration capability: Along with connecting to your Shopify store, FishBowl can also connect to other business software such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, Xero, and more.
  • Cost savings: Get enterprise-level ERP solutions like NetSuite at less than 20% of the cost.


Fishbowl is free to install on the Shopify app store and pricing starts at $2,145 per user. Download it today and see why Fishbowl has been rated the number one inventory management software for Quickbooks for 20 years and why high-profile companies and organizations like General Electric, Lowe’s, Mercedes Benz, and NASA use Fishbowl.

Best Shopify App For Packaging And Shipping Supplies

Arka – Eco-Friendly Custom Packaging Optimized for E-commerce

For e-commerce merchants, it can be hard to stand out among a never-ending list of competing online businesses. But, Arka can make it easy to stand out among the boxes delivered to your customer’s door.

One of the most underrated aspects of running an e-commerce business is creating an enjoyable post-purchase experience. The kind of packaging you use can enhance that experience, make customers feel closer to your brand, and help build brand loyalty. Arka packaging products provide your customers with the ultimate unboxing experience.

Arka allows you to customize boxes, stickers, tissue paper, tape, cartons, and poly mailers with your exact brand logo and colors. Best of all, you’ll get your own personal designer to assist you with dieline creation, receive a digital proof within two business days, receive your order within two to four weeks after proof approval, and all at the most competitive prices. Arka even offers to price match your existing North American supplier if you can find a better deal for the same box! 

Key Features of Arka

  • Eco-friendly products: Arka offers a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions including FSC Certified boxes, 100% recycled poly mailers and home compostable, and carbon-neutral packaging options.
  • Made In The USA: All products offered by Arka are made of quality, eco-friendly materials manufactured in the United States.
  • Smaller Orders Welcome: Up and coming e-commerce merchants are welcome as they can order as little as 10 fully customized boxes and even start with a sample box.
  • Fast Delivery: After you have approved the final design of your box you can expect your order to be manufactured within 10 business days and depending on the shipping method you choose, it can be delivered within two to seven business days.
  • International Shipping Available: No matter where your fulfillment operations are located, Arka will ship your custom boxes to you.


With Arka, there are no setup fees, no upfront costs, and their Shopify app is free to download. Pricing is dependent upon the design specifications you make as well as the total volume of boxes you order. Arka also offers to price match your existing US-based supplier, making it much easier to switch!

Add the Arka App to your e-commerce site and see why so many others have given Arka 5-star reviews on the Shopify App Store.

Best Shopify Shipping App For Online Marketplaces

Jetti – Dropship & Multi-vendor Marketplace Automation

Handling a single e-commerce store can be difficult enough. Now try to imagine running an entire online marketplace. But, Jetti clears the path for any preconceived ideas you may have about operating an online marketplace.

With Jetti, you can automatically import product catalogs from all your vendors’ online stores, automatically split orders into multiple fulfillment flows, and provide discounted shipping labels to your vendors so that they can in turn offer better shipping to their customers.

You’ll also be able to stay on top of returns management, in-house fulfillment, and automated commission rates.

Key Features of Jetti

  • Seamlessly Onboard Vendors: Your vendors are the lifeblood of your online marketplace and their first impression will be during onboarding. With just a few simple steps, they can join and start selling on your site.
  • Dropship Portal: With this portal, your vendors can manage purchase orders, access tracking information, and download their own custom packaging slips.
  • Easy product publishing: You can automatically publish products from your vendors’ stores so you don’t need to stress about trying to edit product information and stock levels on your end.
  • Order routing: Jetti is able to import order data from your vendors’ stores and then automatically split those orders into three main categories: in-house, 3PL, or dropship. You and your vendors can have peace of mind knowing that orders are being sent to the right fulfillment places.
  • Partners ecosystem: Jetti integrates seamlessly with the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms, payment solutions, shipping couriers, and accounting platforms.


Jetti comes with a 14-day free trial and three main pricing options.

Standard – $499/month. This includes abilities such as vendor inventory sync, vendor order sync, unlimited vendors, and discounted USPS shipping labels.

Advanced – $999/month. This includes everything in the standard account as well as automated shipping workflows, automated vendor payments, and advanced warehouse automation functionality.

Plus – $1499/month. This includes advanced shipping rules, white labeling, and API Access for custom workflows.

Add Jetti’s Shopify app today to create better workflows for both you and your vendors.

Best ERP Solution On The Shopify App Store – The only ERP designed for Wholesale and E-commerce

As your e-commerce business grows, so will the complexity of your operations. You may find yourself using multiple platforms for different areas of your business. The finance team may use one software for accounting, while the people over in warehousing use a totally different software. But what if virtually every area of your business could use the same software and allow you to take a birds-eye-view of your operations to see a source of truth to manage all operations on and make more holistic decisions? For many businesses, Fulfil is that answer.

Fulfil’s software can help you manage operations across your entire business, including areas like order management, inventory management, warehouse management, purchasing and procurement, manufacturing and production, workflow automation, reporting and business intelligence, and more. ​​Fulfil’s an operations-first ERP that helps merchants manage their operations efficiently and streamline complex workflows while enabling merchants to provide amazing customer experiences.

Key Features of Fulfil

  • Restful 100% open API: This allows you to easily integrate native 3rd party apps to Fulfil, as well as automate certain workflow functions and even build apps. Fulfil also has a 3PL API and sales channel API to provide robust and straightforward integrations in these areas.
  • Dedicated customer portal: This customer portal allows both your sales reps and your customers (B2B and B2C) to browse your catalog, see their predetermined pricing, and request items.
  • Raw material and Production Tracking: With this, you’re able to take control of your manufacturing process by purchasing and managing manufacturing steps within Fulfil.
  • Real-time Transaction data: Fulfil records every single transaction into your own general ledger so you get more visibility into your business’s finances.
  • Sync Inventory to Sales Channels: Avoid mistakes that come with manually updating your inventory levels to your sales channels by syncing the two together via direct, robust channel integrations. This helps ensure you’re not overselling or taking in inaccurate orders.


The app is free to install from the Shopify App Store. However, to get an accurate price you’ll need to schedule a demo and speak to an expert from Fulfil. From there they can better assess what your business needs and create a more personalized pricing structure.

Best Shopify App For Cross-Platform Automation

Alloy Automation – Save Time By Automating Your Online Store Across 100+ platforms and Apps

For many e-commerce founders, creating integrated workflows may not be your expertise. Most of the time if you want to get your site to connect with other platforms and set automation functionalities you’ll need to hire an engineer or developer to handle that. But, doing so can be expensive, and even with them on board, you’d want them to have the best tools to make it easy for them to work and for you to understand what they’re working on.

With Alloy Automation, you are able to save time and increase efficiency by connecting your store to over 100 platforms and apps and creating automated workflows with no coding required. While technically not a shipping-focused Shopify App, there are ways to speed up your shipping process with Alloy making it an honorable mention.

For example, you can set up triggers like someone placing an order on your Shopify store, and conditions such as a product being over a certain dollar amount, to then automate certain functions such as messages sent through slack to your shipping team. You can even integrate and automate certain functions of your fulfillment processes through Alloy.

Key features of Alloy Automation

  • Prebuilt Workflow Recipies: For those new to using Alloy Automation, you can easily select prebuilt workflows instead of building them out themselves. This can also help inspire some of your own workflows in the future.
  • Integrations across 100+ business apps: Connect apps across business functions such as marketing, engineering, products, security, and more to increase productivity across the board.
  • Automate reporting: You can schedule regular email reports or slack messages to showcase KPIs and Metrics from different areas of your business.
  • Centralized Marketing data: Gather marketing data from across different areas of the customer touchpoint so that you can build more personalized marketing profiles and segments.
  • Webhooks and API Requests: While Alloy Automation advertises as a no-code automation platform, you’ll still have the ability to connect your own code to the workflows you create in Alloy.


Alloy Automation comes with two different pricing models. However, if you’d like to test out Alloy Automation before committing to either plan, you are able to use a 7-day free trial.

Free – No cost plan. Limited to only Recipe workflows. You can have up to 5 active workflows and 100 workflow runs. Email support only.

Starter – $50/month or $40/month billed at $480 annually. This gives you access to the prebuilt recipes along with the visual builder and customer connectors. You can have up to 20 active workflows and up to 2,000 workflow runs. Also comes with email support only.

Their Shopify App is rated 5 stars on the Shopify App store and Alloy Automation is trusted by brands such as Bokksu, Italic, and the Denver Broncos. Download the Alloy Automation app today and start using their workflow recipes for free.

What To Do Next?

There are plenty of great apps within the Shopify App Store for functions even outside of shipping. But in order to choose the Shopify shipping apps that will best serve your business, consider the following:

  • What are the biggest pain points in the day-to-day operations of your Shopify store, and which of these apps can help remedy and/or cure those pain points altogether?
  • What are the biggest future goals you have set out for your e-commerce business and which of these apps can help you reach that goal the soonest?
  • Which Shopify apps are being used by businesses you aspire to be like or are currently comparable to?

Once you’ve found the answers to these questions, download the Shopify app that checks your boxes or speak to representatives of the Shopify apps you believe will most suit you.

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