Standalone Account Registration

The standalone account registration flow is the best option for integrating Shippo if you want to offer shipping features within your platform, but don’t want to handle all the billing or communication administration.

We are exploring OAuth as a potential improvement for this onboarding process. Please reach out to if you want have any feedback or want to participate in the beta launch.

As a platform you can build all the required shipping features into your platform as normal. Then, your users can sign up for their own Shippo account and use their own API tokens authenticate all shipping requests.


  • Shippo will bill user directly for any shipping costs they incurred.
  • Shippo will directly contact the user about any shipping-related communications.
  • Shippo will automatically run fraud checks on all user accounts and shipping label requests.

Simple Registration User Experience

To access simple registration, simply link to: Shippo will handle onboarding the user, storing their billing information, and helping them retrieve their API token. You will need to provide a place for the user to input and store their API token on your platform.

This is an example of the simple registration flow:

You can trigger the partner registration process in a popup window so that your users are never leaving your platform. A sample integration would look like this:

See the Pen VmvYZo by Simon Kreuz (@simonkreuz) on CodePen.