What's New with Shippo

February 2019
  • Schedule DHL Express Pickups

You can now schedule DHL Express pickups in the Shippo web app without going to the DHL website. It costs you money to schedule via DHL website. Here at Shippo, it’s free.

  • Edit Order Information in the Batch Label Workflow

You can now edit the weight and recipients’ addresses of individual orders in the batch workflow.

  • Add Custom Text In The Shipment Notification Email

Pro plan users can add custom text in the notification email now. One more opportunity to personalize customer experience and delight your customers.

December 2018 
  • Send Shipment Confirmation Emails in Batch 

    After successfully creating a batch of labels, you can send the shipment confirmation email to all customers. Plus, if you enable automatic email notifications, the emails are sent without any extra steps.

  • Save a Default Return Service Level

Up until now, when creating return labels in batch, Shippo would default to the same service level as the outbound package. You now have the option to save a default return service level, so that you can create a return shipping label with a different service level than your outbound label—putting you in the driver’s seat.

This is a great option if you use an expedited service to send your orders to customers, but don’t care about speed on the return trip. For information about how to save your default return service level, visit our Help Center article.


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