Shippo: Customer Story: ViteGuide

Customer Story: ViteGuide

ViteGuide simplifies supplements to help people lead healthier lives.

"We are in the business of simplifying supplements for people and greatly appreciate how Shippo has simplified shipping for us. Shipping is much simpler now and we are spending less time/money in this area. We love Shippo!"


Pete Gorman and Steve Chopp started ViteGuide to simplify supplements and help people lead healthier lives.

Most people are overwhelmed with choosing supplements and will turn to anyone for advice. A result of this confusion is poor compliance and limited health benefits. ViteGuide created a simpler approach that consists of three integrated steps that help consumers determine the right supplements for their needs and improve compliance:

1) Support building a custom vitamin plan -- people choose from a selection of approximately 20 high-quality supplements to meet their needs with support available from a dietitian.

2) Daily usage experience -- ViteGuide receives the plan and delivers custom daily packs to the customer's home. No more bottles or running out of supplements.

3) Regular support reminders -- Email/text reminder sent on a daily/weekly interval to help people stay on track.

ViteGuide joined the Shippo community in September 2014 and has shipped steadily with us since. Founder Pete Gorman says, "Prior to Shippo, shipping was very inefficient and painful at ViteGuide. A friend recommended Shippo to us and we couldn't be happier."

Shippo: Customer Story: ViteGuide