Shippo: Customer Story: Taaluma Totes

Customer Story: Taaluma Totes

Backpacks That Carry A Country

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Taaluma Totes

Founded by two 20-somethings with a thirst for adventure, color, and giving back, Taaluma Totes was created to bring spunk and local culture to an everyday item - backpacks. Jack & Alley travel the world to countries like Mali, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, and Indonesia, collecting beautiful, traditional fabrics. The totes are then made out of these fabrics in the USA by adults with disabilities. 20% of all proceeds go back to your tote's country in the form of a microloan to support farmers and small business owners.

Fun facts:
--Taaluma was started after Jack & Alley spent a summer of traveling on 3 different continents.
--The fabrics are wacky. That means that each tote is limited edition, sold until that fabric is all out!
--Their Instagram feed is awesome.
--Taaluma was on the latest season of Shark Tank!

Shippo: Customer Story: Taaluma Totes