Shippo: Customer Story: Pijon

Customer Story: Pijon

Curated monthly care packages college students love.

"Since switching to Shippo, we've experienced a 20%+ reduction in our average shipping costs -- our leading marginal cost driver."


A PijonBox is the perfect gift for parents, family, and friends to send college students a monthly surprise. The goodie box is hand-curated, filled with healthy snacks, beauty supplies, household essentials, and cheeky trinkets. Pijon aims to keep families connected while helping college students stay happy and healthy. What a better way to surprise your son or daughter and send them treats to snack on at the library or share with roommates?

In a long-distance relationship? Or want to cheer up a friend who's moved to a new city? #DeliverLove through Pijon to spice up their day.

Past boxes have included: fuzzy socks, sunglasses, raw food bars, facial moisturizer, chips, granola bars, and nailpolish. Check out the box types here.

Pijon's mission is to create experiences that keep loved ones better connected. To that end, they're excited to soon be rolling out military care PijonBoxes! Stay tuned to for updates.

Shippo: Customer Story: Pijon