Shippo: Customer Story: Ix Style

Customer Story: Ix Style

For every pair of Ix sandals purchased, we donate to provide clean drinking water to children. Handmade in Guatemala. Based in NYC.

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Ix Style

Ix-Style founder Francesca Kennedy is on a mission. Hailing from Guatemala, Francesca was inspired on a trip to her home country to affect change on a large level by addressing the pressing need for clean water. She happened to be reading Start Something That Matters by TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie, and was doubly inspired.

And, thus, Ix-Style was born! The company's sandals showcase the local Mayan textiles and leather craftsmanship of Guatemala and for every pair sold, the company contributes money to clean water efforts.

Ix is the Mayan word for WATER.

Shippo: Customer Story: Ix Style