Shippo: Customer Story: Greenbelly

Customer Story: Greenbelly

All natural meals on-the-go with 1/3 of your Daily Value of Calories, Protein, Fiber, Carbs, Fats, and Sodium.

"Shippo helps us with fulfilling all online orders - from printing labels to tracking the shipment. I love how seamlessly Shippo syncs with our Shopify storefront. Shippo's shipping rates are low and I like the ability to create manual shipments. I look forward to using Shippo to help fulfill our Kickstarter rewards, as well."


Greenbelly makes one-of-a-kind complete meals on-the-go with all natural ingredients.

Their bars come in yummy flavors like Cranberry Almond & Dark Chocolate Banana. Each one is unique for its nutritional profile, including 1/3 of your daily nutrition for 6 core nutrients: calories, fiber, fats, sodium, carbs, and protein.

Active, find yourself needing energy, and want to be healthy? Eat three a day and you're good to go!

Greenbelly was started by Chris Cage when he was just 26. He'd been in accounting in his early twenties and decided to quit his job to teach English in Thailand. While traveling he also volunteered at an orphanage in Cambodia, biked New Zealand, and hiked the 2,185 mile Appalachian Trail. None of these, small feats. He realized that his active lifestyle meant he needed a convenient meal with a lot of nutrition. Getting the high number of calories he needed became difficult and, thus, Greenbelly was born!

As Chris says, "Whether you're on the trail, at the gym, on the road or in the library, Greenbelly's meal is ready to keep you healthy and full whenever and wherever."

Shippo: Customer Story: Greenbelly