Shippo: Customer Story: Fanjoy

Customer Story: Fanjoy

An Awesome New Way to Connect With Your Favorite Band

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Fanjoy is a subscription service for music fans to connect with their favorite artist in a more meaningful way. Fanjoy works with popular musicians to create packages for their fans that ships directly to their door every 3 months. These packages include exclusive artist merchandise and products from brands that the artist loves and wants to share with their fans.

The company’s founder, Chris Vaccarino, was touring with the band A Great Big World and saw fans wanting more from their favorite artists than just an occasional social media post and a t-shirt to buy online. The band was strapped for time, which limited their ability to really cater to their dedicated fans.

This inspired Chris to think of a way to allow an artist to curate packages for their fans and foster a more personal connection. Fanjoy helps fill that void fans were feeling by giving each artist a place to create authentic, genuine packages that are delivered directly to fans’ homes. These packages allow fans to discover a little bit more about the people behind the tunes they love!

Fanjoy is based in San Francisco and launched with the band A Great Big World in December 2014. They’ve recently launched a Hilary Duff album release package and will be launching well-known musician Christina Perri’s package series this summer. To learn more about what inspired Chris to start Fanjoy, check out his blog post here:

Shippo: Customer Story: Fanjoy