Shippo: Customer Story: Alluressories

Customer Story: Alluressories

Necklaces. Pearls, Earrings. Bracelets. A place for trendy jewelry.

"Choosing Shippo as a partner is no-brainer. Shippo has very low rates, a simple and clean user interface, and most importantly, they care about their customers. They respond to questions, feedback or anything that can help their customers or themselves. The relationship is beyond regular service providers, more like a team. We are happy to be part of it and will continuously use Shippo's service."


Alluressories is an online jewelry shop, based in Los Angeles. Trendy, gorgeous jewelry is their passion. Evoking classic elegance with a pop of color. is a joint effort from two close friends: Kristy is passionate about anything related to fashion. She has a great sense for upcoming trends in the industry. Jen is an expert in ecommerce. She works tirelessly to fine tune the virtual shopping experience and connect the right product with right customer. The founders' goal is to provide the best jewelry shopping experience via Alluressories through great prices, unlimited selection, and excellent service.

Shippo: Customer Story: Alluressories