What is a Waybill?

A document that you receive from the carrier that lists the details of your shipment such as the origin and destination, the method of which it’s being shipped, the tracking ID, and more. A Waybill is often sent via remote transmission data and inform the person with the Waybill of what charges to collect from who.

What Is an Air Waybill?

An Airway bill includes all of the information of a regular way bill with the inclusion of additional items such as the flight number and time of the plane delivering the products as well as the airport of the destination.

What is a Sea Waybill?

This is also another transport contract only this time it is made between the shipper and the maritime carrier they are using to deliver their goods. A sea waybill is similar to a bill of lading (BOL). However, unlike a BOL a sea waybill is non-negotiable, doesn’t represent ownership of deeds, and it not legally binding.

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