Shippo Shipping API vs. API

We get dozens of customers a day writing in to us complaining about, both their user interface and shipping API. They're looking for a better solution. The Stamps API is far from a modern, user-friendly, and frictionless tool for creating shipping labels, managing & tracking e-commerce orders, and everything in between. That's why we created Shippo: to simplify e-commerce shipping.

Here are the big differences between Shippo and's APIs:


Shipping Carrier Flexibility - The core of Shippo's technology is a multi carrier shipping API. We enable e-commerce merchants to ship across 13 different shipping carriers through just one simple API integration. Carriers include USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, Mondial Relay, Canada Post, and DHL Germany.

Shipping Prices - Shippo has discounted USPS shipping rates that are up to 80% off retail prices. Save up to $6 on each USPS Priority Mail shipping label. We also offer heavy international shipping discounts. (Email and we'll help you determine how much we can help you save!)

Cost - No sign up fee, no monthly charges. Shippo only costs 5 cents per label for our basic tier and we drop that cost as shipping volume rises.

Interface - Our shipping dashboard is simple & clean and label-creation is a seamless 3 step process.

Bonus - Our customer support ninjas are available 24/7, rain or shine, friendly and happy to help.


Shipping Carriers - The Stamps API connects with the USPS, offering this one set of shipping rates.

Shipping Prices - USPS rates are 13-49% off.

Cost - Stamps charges a monthly fee of $16 to $35 a month.

Interface - "Clunky," "confusing," and "not user friendly" according to Shippo customers who've switched from Stamps.

Before you make a decision, the best way to get a sense of these differences between Shippo and's API is to sign up for a free Shippo account to see the magic for yourself!

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