Shippo API Implementation Resources

Welcome to your 4-week Implementation Period. We’re excited that you’ve decided to leverage Shippo’s API to improve your shipping process. Here are some resources that will help you scope and implement our solution.

  • Shippo API Documentation
  • Global Carriers that Shippo supports
  • Shippo API Webinar Video – Learn more about:
    • Shippo’s API object architecture.
    • How to set up your account to get it ready for testing and implementation.
    • How to create shipping labels using the API, step-by-step, including address validation, rate shopping, and more
    • Handy developer tools
    • Advanced features and shipment extras
    • Q&A
  • Shippo Integration Guide – This guide covers best practices and scoping the API implementation. It will help you:
    • Identify which features of Shippo you want to implement
    • Select the right shipping experience for your business
    • Understand how carrier accounts work and how to connect them
    • Properly scope the amount of work before starting the integration
    • Communicate best practices to your development team
    • Understand best practices on testing and implementation of the API

Shippo is Built for Developers

  • #replace with your API token shippo.auth = '<TOKEN>'
  • # create addresses and package address_from = shippo.Address.create(...) address_to = shippo.Address.create(...) parcel = shippo.Parcel.create(...)
  • # create shipment request shipment = shippo.Shipment.create( address_from=address_from, address_to=address_to, parcel=parcel)
  • # purchase label label = shippo.Transaction.create(rate=shipment.rates.results[0].object_id)

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