Shipping Carrier APIs

Shippo is a multi-carrier shipping API that serves as the software layer between shipping carriers and e-commerce. We simplify and optimize shipping through automated and frictionless technology, which integrates e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and platforms to domestic & international shipping carriers like USPS, DHL Express, and FedEx. Merchants create shipping labels and take advantage of heavily discounted shipping rates. We serve dozens of e-commerce companies like Weebly, Mercari and Vinted.

Shippo's multi-carrier API is the perfect automated solution for creating shipping labels, providing a much easier integration process, increased reliability, and greater flexibility. The Shippo multi-carrier API serves as a one-stop shop for you to ship via 14+ shipping carriers. So if you're looking to offer your customers shipping flexibility, checkout customization, and other shipping functions like tracking notifications and customs forms, Shippo's shipping API is your best bet.

The Shippo Multi-Carrier REST API

With Shippo's multi carrier REST API, you will retrieve shipping rates and print shipping labels in seconds. Shippo also enables you to validate addresses, create packing slips, create customs declarations, and much more. Choosing Shippo's REST API over an direct individual integration is a no brainer. Here are the top advantages of using Shippo over integrating individual carrier APIs:

  • Easy Shipping API Integration: Shippo's technology is an easy-to-integrate REST API. Your dev time is precious. Create your first label in minutes! Our developer-friendly documentation make the process simple. You can use Shippo's shipping API by making direct HTTP requests to our servers, or use client libraries for our API to make it easier to access them from your favorite languages.
  • Multi Carrier Access: By unifying all shipping carriers' API calls, you talk to all carriers in a standardized manner. Plug in your carrier account credentials via one tool and then access rates and create labels in one go. For marketplaces, these multiple accounts prove that much more useful to increase the openness and flexibility of your shipping options across merchants.
  • Customization: The Shippo API offers the ability for developers to customize the technology to suit their specific e-commerce needs. Mold everything from retrieving rates, to creating shipping labels, to adding insurance, to tracking packages. Shipping rates and tracking updates are displayed live.
  • Seamless Integration With Your UI: The Shippo API integrates seamlessly with your site's user interface, powering the checkout process invisibly in the background. You customize the UI built on top. Check out how other stores did it here.

Want to learn more? Definitely read through our developer features or API Overview Guide and contact us with any questions. 

Shippo is built for developers
#replace with your API token
shippo.auth = '<TOKEN>'

# create addresses and package
address_from = shippo.Address.create(...)
address_to = shippo.Address.create(...)
parcel = shippo.Parcel.create(...)

# create shipment request
shipment = shippo.Shipment.create(
    parcel=parcel )

# purchase label
label = shippo.Transaction.create(

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